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A Closer Look at Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: The Resurgence of the Rotating Bezel

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung’s newest Galaxy Watches, although not the star of its second Unpacked event of the year, generate significant anticipation as the most awaited Android smartwatch release annually. In its prior iteration, the absence of the popular spinning bezel, a signature feature of Samsung’s wearable range, was noticeable. But with the launch of the Galaxy Watch 6 series, the bezel makes a comeback. Samsung has presented two fresh models — the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The latter showcases a reduced rotating bezel size, alongside other physical enhancements. The focus remains on health-tracking for the Galaxy Watch series.

Hardware and Design Overhaul

At the event, comparing the Galaxy Watch 5 with the new Watch 6 highlighted a more streamlined design. The case has been marginally trimmed down, but what stands out is the screen seamlessly merging with the lugs.

The Watch 6’s display, 20 percent larger than its predecessor, adds to the polished look, courtesy of a 30 percent slimmer bezel. Similarly, the Classic version sports a physically smaller spinner by 15 percent, expanding the display area by the same 20 percent.

The mechanical bezel on the Watch 6 Classic, despite being smaller, maintains ease of use. The distinct grooves under the frame remain tactile as you navigate through apps and widgets by rotating the bezel. Samsung has managed to reintroduce this practical and entertaining feature without compromising the slimness of the Classic, even though it’s available in larger sizes (43 and 47mm) compared to the standard model (40 and 44mm).

The Watch 6 displays are sharper, brighter, and larger, boasting an improved 2,000 nits brightness this year. The Always On Display brightness is adjustable, providing convenience during a sunny day or low battery situation.

Samsung introduces new faces and straps for the Watch 6 series, compatible with previous versions. This year’s highlight is the new “one-click” mechanism for some bands, simplifying the swapping process. The mechanism works by pushing a button and lifting the strap from the lug, and reattaching involves aligning the screws to the lug while holding down the button.

Alongside design changes, the Watch 6 features an upgraded processor and a larger battery. Samsung claims a swift 8-minute “fast charge” can power the watch for eight hours.

Sleep Tracking and Other Features

The Galaxy Watch series will receive significant updates in sleep tracking and coaching. Users will receive comprehensive analysis of “Sleep Score Factors” like total sleep time, cycles, awake time, and newly introduced “physical and mental recovery” parameters. Samsung partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to create more personalized “Sleep Messages” offering users feedback about their sleep.

Additionally, the Watch 6 can identify patterns in your sleep and wake times, assigning a “Sleep Animal Symbol” to represent your style, a feature similar to those offered by Fitbit and Google’s Pixel Watch. However, Samsung does not require a subscription for this feature.

Testing for these new sleep-related features was not possible at this stage, as they need at least seven days of wear to activate. Therefore, a proper evaluation will follow in due course.

Additional updates include the Samsung Wallet app, personalized Heart Rate Zone calibration for running workouts, and irregular heart rhythm notifications. The Wallet app is now the replacement for Samsung Pay, accommodating digital IDs, boarding passes, event tickets, and loyalty cards.

When irregular heart rhythms are detected, indicating potential atrial fibrillation, the Watch 6 suggests running an electrocardiogram test. It will also monitor your pulse for such patterns overnight. The built-in skin temperature sensor activates overnight to gather data that can help predict menstrual or ovulation cycles.

Samsung also presented a Skin Temperature API under its “Privileged Health” SDK. This allows third parties to create applications using the watch’s LED infrared sensor or the collected temperature data. An example is the Thermo Check app, which measures water temperature before diving in.

Several third-party apps have been optimized for or ported over to the Watch 6 and other watches running Wear OS 4, including WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Gmail, Audible, and updated versions of Peloton and MyFitnessPal. Moreover, the Find My Phone feature on the Galaxy Watch now provides the location of your lost device on a map.

Unfortunately, most of these updates couldn’t be tested at the event, but a full review will be available soon. The Galaxy Watch 6 is already up for pre-order, starting at $300 for the standard version and $400 for the Classic. Both will be available from August 11th.

Lastly, Samsung is tweaking the last year’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with the addition of hiking routes via the GPX File Database and more options for Route Workout types. This model is still available for purchase at $450.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

What is the main change in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 compared to previous models?

The key design change in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the return of the spinning bezel. The model also has a larger, sharper, and brighter display, achieved by reducing the bezel size.

What new features does the Galaxy Watch 6 offer in terms of sleep tracking?

The Galaxy Watch 6 provides a more detailed analysis of “Sleep Score Factors,” including total sleep time, sleep cycles, awake time, and new parameters like “physical and mental recovery.” It also offers personalized feedback messages about your sleep, in partnership with the National Sleep Foundation.

What is the Samsung Wallet app, and how does it work on the Galaxy Watch 6?

The Samsung Wallet app is a new feature on the Galaxy Watch 6, replacing the Samsung Pay feature. It allows you to use digital IDs, boarding passes, event tickets, and loyalty cards on your watch.

How does the “one-click” mechanism work on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 bands?

The “one-click” mechanism simplifies the process of swapping bands. You push down a button and lift the strap from the lug to remove it. To reattach, you hold down the button, align the screws to the lug, and then release the button.

Can the Galaxy Watch 6 detect potential health concerns?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch 6 can detect irregular heart rhythms suggestive of atrial fibrillation, prompting you to run an electrocardiogram test. It also monitors your pulse, including during sleep, and its skin temperature sensor collects data that can help predict menstrual or ovulation cycles.

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its high time they brought back the spinner. and those sleep analysis upgrades. impressive.

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Ok, this looks promising but what about battery life, huh? Need a watch to last me a day at least.


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