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Adobe’s Firefly AI is now commercially available on Photoshop, Illustrator and Express

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Adobe has made quite the splash in the creative world with the release of its Firefly AI, now commercially available on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Express. This move follows a seven-month beta phase, during which an astonishing 2 billion images were generated using this innovative AI technology.

What’s particularly intriguing about this release is the introduction of “generative credits” (GCs) as part of a new subscription plan. These GCs serve as tokens that empower users to transform text-based prompts into images and vectors within Adobe’s suite of creative tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Express, and the Firefly web application. Think of it as a digital currency designed to expedite your access to Firefly’s creative prowess. Once you’ve exhausted your monthly allotment of GCs, don’t fret; you can still utilize Firefly, albeit at a slightly slower pace.

Speaking of the Firefly web application, it’s now available to Creative Cloud subscribers, with options for both Express and Express Premium pricing tiers. Subscribers at these levels will also gain access to the full paid version of Express Premium. Adobe Express itself is described as an “AI first, all-in-one creativity app” tailored to generate commercially safe content, complete with the correct number of fingers in your images (no more accidental thumb duplicates, folks). Users can effortlessly create design elements, images, videos, PDFs, and animations in over 100 languages, and then seamlessly export this content to various social media and publishing platforms.

For enterprise users, Adobe offers the convenience of bundling Firefly and Express Premium into a comprehensive editing solution. This all-in-one editor caters to the demanding needs of businesses, providing a powerful suite of creative tools to boost productivity.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: generative AI has faced its fair share of skepticism, primarily due to concerns about its use of existing artwork for training purposes. Some critics have expressed worries about the potential displacement of human artists by these AI knockoffs. To address these valid concerns, Adobe has taken a proactive step by embedding Content Credentials in all generated works by default. These credentials serve as a digital “nutrition label,” displaying vital information such as the asset’s name, creation date, creation tool, and a log of any edits made to it.

This initiative is part of Adobe’s broader Content Authenticity Initiative, an industry group that seeks to establish ethical and transparent norms for AI development. It’s a move aimed at setting industry standards before regulatory bodies step in with their own rules and regulations.

In conclusion, Adobe’s Firefly AI’s commercial availability marks a significant milestone in the world of creative technology. With the introduction of generative credits and the emphasis on transparency through Content Credentials, Adobe is not only pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities but also striving to address ethical concerns within the realm of AI-generated content. It’s a promising step forward for both artists and technology enthusiasts alike.

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