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‘Alan Wake II’ stands out in a sea of sequels

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Alan Wake II

‘Alan Wake II’: A Standout Sequel in a Sea of Games

Concerns arise for Saga Anderson, a seasoned FBI agent investigating a series of ritualistic deaths near Cauldron Lake. She displays an unsettling fascination with the supernatural horrors she encounters, finding excitement amidst the dismembered body parts, necromancy, and murderous villagers. In one conversation with her partner, she remarks, “this place just keeps getting crazier… but this is exciting.”

Later, she boldly ventures into another realm, pushing a heart through a portal and inviting a witch to reveal “the terror.”

These events leave me apprehensive about Saga’s fate in ‘Alan Wake II,’ but paradoxically, they intensify my anticipation for the full game. During Summer Game Fest, I had the opportunity to watch a 30-minute hands-off preview of the second chapter in ‘Alan Wake II.’ By this stage, Saga has come to terms with the paranormal darkness enveloping her investigation. She has already retrieved a manuscript page from within a deceased body and followed its instructions leading her back to Cauldron Lake, the setting of the original game.

Thirteen years have passed since the release of the original ‘Alan Wake,’ and the sequel takes place in a similar time frame. The renowned writer, Alan Wake, has been missing throughout this period, and Saga now pursues the ghost of FBI agent Robert Nightingale, who met his demise in the first game’s conclusion. In chapter two, Saga and her partner delve deep into the lush woods of the Pacific Northwest. The preview showcases stunning lighting, well-crafted character models and environments, as well as satisfying gunplay and flashlight mechanics.

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Dialogues between Saga and her partner are unhurried, establishing the narrative and allowing it to breathe. There are moments where players can choose their responses, enhancing the immersion. The two agents eventually separate, leading to a series of straightforward puzzles for Saga to solve. These include collecting fuses or deciphering the correct combination to unlock a door, all while a persistent sense of dread lingers in the background. The preview evokes strong early ‘Resident Evil’ vibes, as ‘Alan Wake II’ embraces survival-horror elements compared to the original’s action-thriller approach.

To aid in her investigation, Saga can enter her Mind Place—an area resembling the living room of a conspiracy theorist from the ’90s. There, she organizes clues and connects the dots, with photographs and notes linked by red string adorning a wood-paneled wall. Manipulating the evidence, she places related clues together to unlock the path forward. If stuck, she can consult her subjects by approaching the central desk and engaging in a process called Profiling. Saga can enter her Mind Place at any time during her journey.

Remedy Entertainment

Jump-scares are sparingly employed in the preview, effectively catching players off-guard with sudden screaming faces or enemies bursting through doorways. Saga exudes competence and curiosity, though her insatiable inquisitiveness might eventually lead to unforeseen consequences. The preview concludes with Alan abruptly appearing in the woods beside Saga, disoriented by the presence of dark forces and perplexed by his prolonged absence.

The major innovation in ‘Alan Wake II’ is the ability to switch between Saga and Alan, allowing players to experience the game from both characters’ perspectives. Chapter one places Saga at the forefront, and subsequently, players can choose to play as either her or Alan at the beginning of each new section. The developers at Remedy are still fine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Alan Wake II

When will ‘Alan Wake II’ be released?

‘Alan Wake II’ is scheduled to be released on October 17th for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

What is the setting of ‘Alan Wake II’?

The game takes place around Cauldron Lake, a location featured in the original ‘Alan Wake’ game, set in the Pacific Northwest woods.

Can players switch between different characters in ‘Alan Wake II’?

Yes, players will have the ability to switch between Saga Anderson, the FBI agent protagonist, and Alan Wake himself, providing a fresh perspective and meaningful choices throughout the game.

Is ‘Alan Wake II’ a linear or open-world game?

‘Alan Wake II’ is primarily a linear, narrative-driven experience. While there are some side tasks and secrets to discover, the game’s focus is on a contained single-player story.

What is the gameplay style of ‘Alan Wake II’?

‘Alan Wake II’ is a survival-horror game, emphasizing intense atmospheres, gunplay, flashlight mechanics, and puzzle-solving, contrasting with the more action-thriller style of the original ‘Alan Wake.’

Can Saga Anderson investigate and organize clues in the game?

Yes, Saga can enter her Mind Place, a space resembling a conspiracy theorist’s living room, to organize clues and connect the dots. She can manipulate evidence, place related clues together, and engage in profiling to progress the investigation.

Is ‘Alan Wake II’ a sequel worth anticipating?

Yes, ‘Alan Wake II’ stands out with its compelling storyline, fresh perspective, immersive gameplay, and the continuation of the beloved ‘Alan Wake’ universe. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to an exciting and atmospheric experience.

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GamerGirl97 June 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

omg Alan Wake II sounds sooo intense!! saga and alan switching characters?? that’s crazy!! can’t wait for october 17th!!1

GameMaster123 June 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

alan wake ii is gonna be epic!! the setting in the woods sounds spooky af, and the mind place thing is sooo cool. remedy games knows how to make a killer story! gonna be a must-play for sure.

TheRealDeal June 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

i remember playing the original alan wake back in the day. the sequel sounds like a worthy follow-up. can’t wait to see saga’s fate and uncover the mysteries. bring on the survival horror!

TechGeek24 June 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

the gameplay preview got me hyped! the graphics, lighting, and gunplay look amazing. gonna solve those puzzles and dive into the paranormal darkness. alan wake ii, here i come!

StorytellerExtraordinaire June 12, 2023 - 2:50 pm

as a fan of the original, i’m thrilled that alan wake ii retains the themes but adds a fresh perspective. the narrative-driven experience and meaningful choices make it even more captivating. saga and alan’s journey is gonna be mind-blowing!


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