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‘Alto’s Adventure’ devs announce new game, and it’s all about sheep herding

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Summerhill Game Announcement

As enthusiasts of the calm and delightful Alto series will tell you, the vibe is what sets it apart. In that vein, Summerhill immerses players in a tranquil countryside setting, focusing on serene puzzle-solving at leisure. The visual aesthetic draws parallels with the Alto series and other indie sensations such as Monument Valley. Contributing to this, the composer of Monument Valley 2, Todd Baker, is onboard to create a “folk-inspired” soundtrack.

In terms of gameplay, the developers assure an engaging “herding-based gameplay” and “gentle problem-solving,” coupled with a narrative mystery about the land’s ancient history. With your faithful dog by your side, you’ll be tasked with managing your sheep and refining your skills to conquer “increasingly intricate puzzles.” Despite the absence of text, the developers guarantee a story laden with “themes of duty, friendship, and ethics.”

“Summerhill represents a fresh IP that aims to encapsulate the values we most cherish as a studio,” mentions Harry Nesbitt, founder of Land & Sea. “Sheep herding is intrinsically linked to us in many ways and we were intent on authentically representing this enduring tradition and narrating a tale that could only be expressed in this format.”

As for the launch date, it’s still uncertain, with the game currently undergoing active development. However, progress has been sufficient to warrant a trailer. The team, known also as Snowman Games, has had a busy schedule, recently launching an exclusive title for Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Summerhill Game Announcement

Who are the developers behind the new game ‘Summerhill’?

The developers of ‘Summerhill’ are the same team that brought us the ‘Alto’s Adventure’ series, also known as Land & Sea. Some members of the team have also regrouped as Snowman Games.

What is the gameplay of ‘Summerhill’ expected to be like?

‘Summerhill’ is expected to have “fluid herding-based gameplay” with elements of “gentle problem-solving.” Players will be guiding their sheep with the help of a trusty dog, and solving increasingly complex puzzles.

What kind of aesthetic can we expect from ‘Summerhill’?

‘Summerhill’ is going to have a pastoral setting with visuals reminiscent of the Alto series and indie games like Monument Valley. The soundtrack will be “folk-inspired,” composed by Todd Baker, the musician behind Monument Valley 2.

What themes will ‘Summerhill’ cover?

The narrative of ‘Summerhill’, although wordless, will be rich with themes of duty, companionship, and morality.

Is there a release date for ‘Summerhill’?

As of now, there’s no announced release date for ‘Summerhill’. The game is currently in active development, but a trailer has been released.

What other projects have the ‘Summerhill’ developers been working on?

Recently, some team members, regrouped as Snowman Games, launched an exclusive title for Netflix.

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