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Apogee+ Exoskeleton by German Bionic Aims to Lighten the Load for Healthcare Workers

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Apogee+ Exoskeleton in Healthcare

The innovators at German Bionic, known for their groundbreaking Apogee exosuit, have now introduced an upgraded version, the Apogee+. This revamped wearable tech is specifically engineered to assist healthcare workers, especially those dealing with elderly and physically challenged patients. The company aims to alleviate the back-breaking stress that healthcare providers often experience in their line of work.

The Apogee+ serves as a “personal lifting aid,” actively helping medical staff as they walk, elevate, and position patients for various medical or hygienic needs, like treatments or showers. Designed to alleviate up to 70 pounds of weight on each lift, the exoskeleton also comes with built-in handles that make it easier for users to firmly grip and reposition their patients.

In terms of size and versatility, the Apogee+ is as adaptable as its predecessor. It’s compact and light enough to be used by a wide range of individuals and in numerous settings. What’s more, it’s waterproof and dust-resistant—handy for those perhaps less-than-ideal medical spaces that could double as sets for a Stephen King horror story.

While many of German Bionic’s other products, such as their heavy-duty Cray X, are tailored for industrial use, the Apogee+ is all about the healthcare world. It sports a less imposing form factor and comes in hues that are designed to be soothing for patients. The suit is also particularly easy to clean and sanitize, making it a hygienic choice in medical settings where preventing the spread of germs is paramount.

Based on recent studies, German Bionic is highly optimistic about the potential benefits of wearable exoskeleton tech in the medical sector, declaring it a dependable and flexible tool for nursing staff. For those interested in getting a firsthand experience, the Apogee+ is already being distributed across North America. And if you’re up for a jaunt to Germany, you can catch live demos at the international Medica medical trade show scheduled for November 13. In terms of investment, these cutting-edge exoskeletons are priced at $9,900, or you can grab them for $299 per month if you’re buying in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Apogee+ Exoskeleton in Healthcare

What is the Apogee+ exoskeleton by German Bionic?

The Apogee+ is an advanced wearable exoskeleton designed by German Bionic to assist healthcare workers, particularly those dealing with elderly and physically challenged patients. The technology aims to alleviate the physical stress often experienced by medical professionals by providing active lifting assistance.

Who is the Apogee+ exoskeleton designed for?

The Apogee+ is specifically engineered for healthcare providers like nurses, medical assistants, and other staff who are involved in the physical handling of patients for treatments, transfers, or hygiene purposes.

What are the key features of the Apogee+ exoskeleton?

The Apogee+ offers up to 70 pounds of back relief per lift and has built-in grips for a more stable hold on patients. It is also lightweight, waterproof, and dust-resistant, making it versatile for various medical environments.

How does the Apogee+ differ from German Bionic’s other products?

While many of German Bionic’s other products like the Cray X are tailored for industrial settings, the Apogee+ focuses on the healthcare sector. It features a less imposing form, patient-friendly colors, and an easy disinfection process.

What are the purchase options for the Apogee+?

The Apogee+ exoskeleton is priced at $9,900 for a single unit. However, bulk purchasers can opt for a monthly subscription rate of $299.

When and where can I see the Apogee+ in action?

If you’re interested in a live demonstration, the Apogee+ will be featured at the international Medica medical trade show in Germany on November 13. The product is also already being distributed across North America.

Is the Apogee+ easy to clean and sanitize?

Yes, the Apogee+ has a unibody exterior designed for an easy disinfection process, making it a hygienic choice in medical settings where minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria is crucial.

How optimistic is German Bionic about the Apogee+’s impact on healthcare?

German Bionic cites recent studies to support their belief that wearable exoskeleton technology, like the Apogee+, offers flexible and reliable support to nursing staff, thereby potentially revolutionizing the medical field.

Are there any limitations to using the Apogee+?

The text does not specify any limitations, but as with any technology, proper training and adherence to safety guidelines would be essential for optimal use.

Is the Apogee+ available for purchase now?

Yes, the Apogee+ is currently being rolled out across North America and is available for purchase by healthcare entities.

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ElderlyEllen August 29, 2023 - 2:36 pm

Interesting read, but how comfortable is it for the patients? You know, being lifted by a robot suit sounds like somethin’ outta a sci-fi movie.

CynicalSam August 29, 2023 - 10:28 pm

$9,900? That’s steep, man. Hope there’s a discount for healthcare facilities that really need it but cant afford it.

SkepticSteve August 30, 2023 - 1:37 am

Sounds cool and all, but what about limitations? The article doesn’t say much on that. Safety first, right?

NurseNancy August 30, 2023 - 5:40 am

Seriously, where was this tech when I started nursing? Back then, we didn’t have these fancy exoskeletons to help us out. it’s about time!

WellnessWendy August 30, 2023 - 8:14 am

Anything that helps our brave healthcare workers is a win in my book. Way to innovate, German Bionic!

FutureDoc August 30, 2023 - 8:31 am

This is what the future of healthcare looks like, folks! can’t wait to try it during my residency. Finally, tech’s catching up to our needs.

GearHeadGary August 30, 2023 - 8:48 am

Apogee+? More like Awesome+! German Bionic is just slaying the tech game. If they keep this up, I won’t be surprised if they start making Iron Man suits next lol.


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