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Arturia’s Summer Sale is Live, Offering Huge Savings on Instruments and Effects

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Arturia Summer Sale

The annual summer sale from Arturia has officially kicked off, featuring significant price cuts on a wide range of digital instruments, sound effects, and sound bank packs. With an average markdown of 50%, you can now get the highly praised Pigments synthesizer for just $100, down from its original price of $200, or the renowned Dist Coldfire distortion effect plugin, now only $50, slashed from $100.

The sale encompasses almost every standalone digital instrument and effect, inviting you to explore the website to find what suits your preferences. Furthermore, the sale incorporates sound banks – essentially preset packs spanning various music genres. Grab a pack of 32 presets for a mere $5, or opt for a more comprehensive pack of 150 presets for only $15.

Arturia Instruments
$49 $99 Save $50

A majority of Arturia digital instruments and effects are now discounted by 50%.

$49 at Arturia

Nonetheless, the sale is restricted to individual instruments and effects and does not encompass bundle offers such as the V Collection 9. While each synthesizer in the collection, including the Solina V and Vox Continental V, is on sale, it’s still more cost-effective to purchase the complete bundle at the regular price since each synth is priced at $100, and the entire bundle is available for $600. This also applies to effect bundles.

Also note that the sale does not extend to hardware instruments like the PolyBrute or the MatrixBrute. These remain at their standard prices on Arturia’s website, although you might locate some deals at retail stores. The Arturia summer sale runs until August 15th, so act quickly to take advantage of these offers. The company frequently holds similar sales across their site, so if you miss this one, keep an eye out for the likely upcoming holiday sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Arturia Summer Sale

What is the discount offered in the Arturia summer sale?

The Arturia summer sale offers a significant discount, averaging around 50% off on various digital instruments, effects, and sound bank packs.

Does the sale include the V Collection 9 combo pack?

No, the sale does not include combo packs like the V Collection 9. Each individual synthesizer within the collection is on sale, but the complete pack is still available at the full price.

Are hardware instruments included in the Arturia summer sale?

No, hardware instruments such as the PolyBrute or the MatrixBrute are not included in the sale. They remain at their original price on Arturia’s website.

When does the Arturia summer sale end?

The Arturia summer sale lasts until August 15th.

What if I miss the Arturia summer sale?

Arturia regularly offers similar site-wide sales. If you miss the summer sale, you can likely catch the next one during the holiday season.

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