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ASUS’ ROG Ally: A Teardown Comparison with the Steam Deck Reveals Surprising Repair Accessibility

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For those who value repairability in handheld gaming PCs, the ROG Ally from ASUS presents itself as a strong contender. Recently, iFixit conducted a teardown of this device and discovered that it boasts a notably easier opening process compared to Valve’s Steam Deck. One standout aspect is the battery removal, which involves the simple task of unscrewing, in contrast to the adhesive securing Valve’s power pack. Additionally, removing the thumbsticks and their circuit boards on the Ally is relatively straightforward, offering a potential solution to address stick drift issues. Similarly, like the Steam Deck, SSD upgrades are a breeze if you manage to find a suitably compact drive.

However, iFixit points out that the display component of the ROG Ally is less repair-friendly due to the extensive adhesive involved. While this may not pose a significant problem if the entire screen requires replacement, it could prove to be a hassle if you’re aiming to replace just the display within a new cover.

One crucial aspect to note is that ASUS has not made any commitments regarding the availability of replacement parts for the ROG Ally. We have reached out to the company for comments on this matter. At present, users may need to rely on sourcing parts from other individuals who are willing to part with functioning components salvaged from otherwise broken devices. iFixit currently offers official Steam Deck parts for sale, including screens, button assemblies, and storage options.

Although teardowns reveal that the Steam Deck is surprisingly easier to maintain than initially anticipated, Valve has discouraged repairs from the early stages, expressing concerns about potential risks associated with opening the system and the possibility of third-party components causing issues. As of now, ASUS does not actively encourage do-it-yourself repairs. Nevertheless, the modularity of the ROG Ally could prove advantageous as the right-to-repair movement gains momentum in various regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about repairs

Is the ROG Ally from ASUS easier to repair than the Steam Deck?

Yes, according to a teardown by iFixit, the ROG Ally is noticeably easier to repair than Valve’s Steam Deck. The battery removal involves unscrewing, while the thumbsticks and SSD upgrades are relatively straightforward. However, the display component may pose some challenges due to adhesive. It’s worth noting that ASUS hasn’t committed to offering replacement parts for the ROG Ally at this time.

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TechNerd3000 June 23, 2023 - 5:39 pm

Valve needs to take notes from Asus on repairability! The Steam Deck might not be as accessible as the ROG Ally. Asus, please give us replacement parts, we don’t want to rely on broken devices for repairs. DIY repairs are becoming a thing, embrace it!

GamerGal June 23, 2023 - 11:12 pm

Thumbs up to Asus for making repairs on the ROG Ally a breeze! Removing the battery and upgrading the thumbsticks and SSD seem super easy. The display might be a pain though with all that sticky stuff. Hope Asus changes their mind about replacement parts. Keep it modular, Asus!

TechGeek84 June 24, 2023 - 7:34 am

wow, the Asus ROG Ally sounds like a relli good choice if you want easy repairs for your handheld gaming PC. ifixit says it’s much easier to open than the steam deck! But watch out for the adhesive on the display, could be a hassle. hope asus starts offering replacement parts tho.

GadgetEnthusiast June 24, 2023 - 11:08 am

Kudos to Asus for creating a gaming PC that’s repair-friendly! Ifixit’s teardown shows the ROG Ally is easier to maintain than Valve’s Steam Deck. Battery removal? Piece of cake! But that sticky adhesive on the display is a bummer. Come on Asus, give us replacement parts!


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