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‘Baby Steps’ is the 3D ‘QWOP’ we’ve all been waiting for

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Introducing ‘Baby Steps’: The Long-Awaited 3D Version of ‘QWOP’

Remember the exhilaration of playing QWOP, where the simplest forward movement felt like an extraordinary triumph? Well, the wait is over. Bennett Foddy, the creator of QWOP, along with Gabe Cuzzillo from Ape Out and Maxi Boch, has unveiled ‘Baby Steps,’ a captivating 3D rendition of the iconic limb-controlling game. In this new adventure, you step into the shoes of Nate, a couch potato who finds himself whisked away to a mountain and compelled to relearn the art of walking in a quest to discover purpose in a wasted life. Needless to say, maintaining balance becomes quite the challenge when a single misstep can send you plummeting off a cliff.

True to the irreverent style of Foddy and his previous works like Ape Out, VVVVVV, and Getting Over It, ‘Baby Steps’ delivers humorous encounters. You’ll find yourself awkwardly explaining mishaps, such as knocking over a cairn, or enduring the judgmental gaze of a donkey as you slide down a hill. The production values have undeniably been raised compared to previous titles, featuring an ever-changing soundtrack composed of 420 beats and vibes (nice), along with a “fully dynamic onesie soilage system.”

Devolver plans to release ‘Baby Steps’ in 2024 for PC and PlayStation 5. While it may not be a blockbuster AAA game, appearances can be deceiving. After all, ‘Getting Over It’ provided a surprisingly introspective exploration of failure as players inevitably tumbled off ledges. Even in its early stages, ‘Baby Steps’ serves as a not-so-subtle commentary on those who spend more time observing the adventures of others rather than living their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about video game release

What is ‘Baby Steps’?

‘Baby Steps’ is a 3D update to the popular game QWOP. It introduces a new adventure where players control a character named Nate, a couch potato who is forced to relearn walking and find meaning in his life.

Who are the creators of ‘Baby Steps’?

‘Baby Steps’ is created by a team consisting of Bennett Foddy, the creator of QWOP, along with Gabe Cuzzillo from Ape Out and Maxi Boch.

What can I expect from ‘Baby Steps’ gameplay?

In ‘Baby Steps,’ players navigate through challenging terrain and control the movements of Nate’s limbs. Falling off cliffs and encountering humorous situations are part of the game’s irreverent and comedic style.

When will ‘Baby Steps’ be released and on which platforms?

‘Baby Steps’ is planned for release in 2024. It will be available for PC and PlayStation 5.

Is ‘Baby Steps’ a AAA blockbuster game?

While ‘Baby Steps’ may not be a triple-A blockbuster game, it offers unique gameplay experiences and reflects the style and creativity of its creators. It aims to provide players with thought-provoking moments and commentary on certain aspects of life.

Will ‘Baby Steps’ have high production values?

Yes, ‘Baby Steps’ features enhanced production values compared to previous titles. It boasts an ever-changing soundtrack composed of 420 beats and vibes, as well as a “fully dynamic onesie soilage system,” adding to the overall experience of the game.

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GamerFan93 June 9, 2023 - 8:50 pm

OMG, ‘Baby Steps’ is like QWOP in 3D?! Can’t wait to play it! QWOP was soooo hrd but totally addictive. Nate, the couch potato, re-learnin walkin? Hilarious! Gonna b epic fun!

GamingGeek77 June 9, 2023 - 8:50 pm

Bennett Foddy did it again! Ape Out was dope, and now ‘Baby Steps’ sounds cray cray in a good way. Limb controllin in 3D? Gonna be a challenge fo sho. Bring on the laughs and crazy adventures!

GameJunkie42 June 9, 2023 - 8:50 pm

Baby Steps, the QWOP update? Seriously? This is gonna be a riot! I remember failin so hard in QWOP, but it was so addictin. Nate’s gonna have a tough time relearnin walkin, but I’m ready to give it a shot. Can’t wait!

CasualGamer88 June 9, 2023 - 8:50 pm

Finally, a new game from Bennett Foddy! Loved Getting Over It. Baby Steps sounds interestin, like a mix of QWOP and Ape Out. Gonna be clumsy as hell, but that’s the fun, right? Hopin for some epic fail moments and a good laugh!


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