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BMW’s CE 02: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility with an Electric Scooter

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BMW is taking a bold step forward in its electric motorcycle lineup, focusing specifically on electric scooters. The brand-new CE 02 model, smaller than the recently released CE 04, aims to capture the attention of a younger demographic.

But BMW doesn’t want to limit the CE 02 to the term “scooter.” They’ve coined a new name for it: the eParkourer. While the name may be a mouthful and largely a marketing ploy, the CE 02 showcases a sleek design reminiscent of the Honda Rukus, coupled with an efficient electric powertrain.

Boasting an impressive range of over 55 miles for the 11kW version and a top speed of approximately 59 miles per hour, the CE 02 is undeniably tailored for urban commuting. With a starting price of $7,599 (excluding destination costs), this electric ride is positioned as an ideal choice for navigating city streets. For those seeking more power and an extended range, the larger and more robust CE 04 starts at $12,700, providing a clear benchmark for comparison.

In addition to the CE 02, BMW has unveiled their Motorrad companion smartglasses. These innovative glasses display crucial information such as speed, speed limits, and gear positions (for gas bikes), along with turn-by-turn directions. Compatible with BMW’s current range of bikes utilizing the Motorrad app, the smart glasses offer enhanced convenience and safety features. Pricing details for the smartglasses have not been released yet.

The CE 02 is slated for release in the spring of 2024, while the smart glasses are expected to hit the market this summer. For a comprehensive overview of these exciting developments, be sure to watch the accompanying video below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about electric scooter

What is the BMW CE 02?

The BMW CE 02 is an electric scooter, also known as the eParkourer, designed for urban mobility and targeted towards a younger buyer.

What is the range and top speed of the CE 02?

The CE 02 offers a range of over 55 miles for the 11kW version and has a top speed of approximately 59 miles per hour.

Is the CE 02 suitable for city commuting?

Yes, the CE 02 is specifically built as an around-town source of transportation, making it well-suited for navigating city streets.

How much does the CE 02 cost?

The CE 02 starts at $7,599 before destination costs, providing an affordable option for those interested in an electric scooter.

What are the key features of the Motorrad companion smartglasses?

The Motorrad companion smartglasses display information such as speed, speed limit, gear (for gas bikes), and turn-by-turn directions. They work with BMW’s current bikes that use the Motorrad app.

When will the CE 02 and smart glasses be available?

The CE 02 is expected to be available in the spring of 2024, while the smart glasses are set to be released this summer.

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TwoWheelsEnthusiast July 8, 2023 - 9:34 am

BMW keeps raising the bar with their electric rides! The CE 02 looks like a beast, and I’m digging the eParkourer name. Can’t wait to see it tear through the streets. And those smartglasses? They’ll make me feel like a high-tech biker. Gimme, gimme!

ScooterLover12 July 8, 2023 - 12:04 pm

wow, bmw really knows how 2 capture the younger crowd with their fancy CE 02 eParkourer! no wonder they dont wanna call it a scooter, it’s way more stylish than the honda rukus. and those smartglasses? sooo cool, no price yet but i bet theyre gonna be pricey. cant wait 2 ride this bad boi in 2024!

UrbanCommuter123 July 8, 2023 - 3:36 pm

Finally, an electric scooter made for city life! With a range of over 55 miles and a top speed of around 59 mph, the CE 02 is perfect for zipping around town. Plus, those Motorrad smartglasses? They’re like something out of a sci-fi movie. Count me in!


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