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Capcom’s Pragmata Faces Another Delay

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Pragmata delay

It’s highly likely that Pragmata, the eerie and dystopian sci-fi adventure game developed by Capcom, has slipped from your memory. Well, get ready to forget about it once more. In a recent teaser for the game, Capcom disclosed that it will not meet its intended release window in 2023.

The development team expressed their disappointment in a heartfelt message at the conclusion of the new trailer: “Regrettably, we must postpone the release of Pragmata yet again. Our dedicated team is striving to create the best possible game, but we require additional time.”

This marks the second delay for Pragmata. Initially unveiled in 2020, the game was introduced through a cinematic trailer depicting a soldier and a young girl navigating an abandoned city and eventually ending up on the moon’s surface. The initial teaser hinted at a future dystopia and an intimate bond between the main characters, but provided little else. Approximately one year later, Capcom released a video featuring the young girl offering apologies for the game’s delay. This year’s trailer is reminiscent of the previous one but does offer glimpses of actual gameplay.

We now know that the young girl goes by the name of Diana and appears to be under the protection of her heavily armored companion. Together, they engage in combat against robot-like creatures, explore futuristic environments, and even embark on fast-paced piggy-back rides. While the soldier handles the majority of the duo’s fighting in the trailer, it also reveals that Diana possesses unique abilities.

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What exactly are these powers? Why are these two characters on the moon? What has become of the rest of humanity? Answers to these questions will have to wait. The Pragmata team has refrained from announcing a new release window, assuring fans that they are striving to deliver a final product that will be worth the wait.

Pragmata is slated for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC gaming platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pragmata delay

What is Pragmata?

Pragmata is an eerie and dystopian sci-fi adventure game developed by Capcom. It features a soldier and a young girl named Diana exploring abandoned cities and encountering robot-like creatures in futuristic environments.

Has the release of Pragmata been delayed?

Yes, Pragmata has faced multiple delays. This recent announcement marks the second delay for the game, with no specific release window provided.

What platforms will Pragmata be available on?

Pragmata is planned to be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC gaming platforms.

Who are the main characters in Pragmata?

The main characters in Pragmata are a soldier and a young girl named Diana. The soldier acts as Diana’s protector as they navigate through the game’s mysterious world.

What can we expect from the gameplay of Pragmata?

Based on the teaser trailers, Pragmata offers combat against robot-like creatures, exploration of futuristic environments, and unique abilities for the character Diana.

Why was Pragmata delayed?

The development team stated that they need more time to ensure they deliver the best game possible, indicating that they are working diligently to create a product worthy of players’ patience.

Is there a new release date announced for Pragmata?

No, the development team has not announced a new release date for Pragmata at this time. Fans will have to wait for further updates.

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