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ChatGPT witnesses its first decline in user base during June

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After experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity from late last year until early 2023, it seems that OpenAI’s chatbot is now encountering a decline in its momentum. Recent data shared by internet analytics firm Similarweb with The Washington Post reveals that global traffic to ChatGPT’s website decreased by 9.7 percent last month, both on mobile and desktop platforms. This decline signifies the first-ever decrease in user engagement for the chatbot. Additionally, app tracker Sensor Tower observed a drop in downloads of ChatGPT’s iOS client in June, following an earlier peak in the month. OpenAI has not yet responded to BuyTechBlog’s request for comment.

The dwindling interest in ChatGPT appears to be part of a larger trend in the industry. Similarweb’s data indicates a decrease in visitors to the desktop and mobile websites of Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, and Character.AI in recent months. Microsoft, for instance, witnessed a surge in traffic to its search engine when Bing AI became available for public preview between February and March. However, since then, monthly traffic to the website has gradually declined, almost returning to pre-GPT-4 levels when Microsoft revamped Bing. Separately, Similarweb also reports a drop in ChatGPT engagement, with user minutes down by 8.5 percent as of May 2023.

The Washington Post speculates on the potential causes for this decline, suggesting that the end of the school year may play a role. With most college students on summer break, fewer young adults are likely utilizing ChatGPT for their paper writing needs. Another factor could be certain companies, like Samsung, prohibiting their employees from using AI chatbots due to concerns about potential data leaks. Despite the decline, OpenAI remains composed, with no signs of panic. If anything, the research lab may even welcome the reduction in public ChatGPT usage, as CEO Sam Altman has previously mentioned that operating the service incurs a significant cost for OpenAI.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about user decline

What is the news about ChatGPT’s user decline in June?

According to data from internet analytics firm Similarweb, ChatGPT experienced a decline in user engagement in June. Both mobile and desktop traffic to ChatGPT’s website fell by 9.7 percent globally, marking the first time the chatbot has seen a decrease in users.

Are there any other chatbots or platforms experiencing a similar trend?

Yes, Similarweb’s data shows that other platforms such as Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, and Character.AI have also witnessed a decrease in visitor traffic in recent months. Microsoft Bing, for example, initially saw a surge in traffic when Bing AI became available, but since then, monthly traffic has steadily declined.

What could be the reasons behind ChatGPT’s user decline?

There are a couple of possible reasons. One suggestion is that the decline might be related to the end of the school year, as fewer college students using ChatGPT for writing papers during summer break. Another reason could be concerns about potential data leaks, with certain companies like Samsung prohibiting the use of AI chatbots by employees.

How does OpenAI respond to the decline in ChatGPT’s user base?

OpenAI has not provided an immediate response to the request for comment regarding the user decline. However, it is speculated that OpenAI may not be concerned about the decrease in usage. The research lab has previously mentioned that operating the public version of ChatGPT incurs significant costs, so a reduction in users might be viewed positively by OpenAI.

Is there any indication of a broader trend in the industry?

Yes, Similarweb’s data suggests that the decline in user engagement is part of a larger industry trend. Other platforms and chatbots have also experienced a decrease in visitor traffic, indicating a possible shift in user preferences or behavior within the industry.

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TechGuru77 July 9, 2023 - 8:48 pm

heard Samsung banned AI chatbots ’cause of data leaks. smart move, tbh. privacy is impo, ya know? could be why ppl r less into chatgpt now.

AIEnthusiast July 10, 2023 - 2:39 pm

openai might not be worried about the decline. they mentioned the costs r “eye-watering.” lol fewer users could actually b a good thing for them.


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