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Chrome on iOS can now show maps and create calendar items without switching apps

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Google has enhanced Chrome for iOS, allowing users to perform various tasks without switching between apps. With the update, you can now view Maps addresses, create Calendar events, and translate specific text directly within Chrome on your iPhone. This means you can effortlessly find a restaurant’s location, set a reminder to visit it, and even decode the menu, all within the same app.

Furthermore, Google plans to make its Lens feature more valuable in a future update. You’ll soon be able to use your iPhone’s camera to search for objects or items, whether by taking new pictures or accessing your camera roll. This feature will be particularly useful when you need instant identification for things like flowers or trendy jackets. The expanded functionality is expected to arrive in the next few months.

It’s important to note that certain advanced functions, such as driving directions in Maps or comprehensive itinerary management, will still require Google’s dedicated apps. However, these recent additions aim to make Chrome a more versatile app that saves time and battery life by eliminating the need to run multiple apps simultaneously. Consequently, Chrome may become a more appealing default browser on iPhones compared to Safari.

Google’s ongoing efforts to improve Chrome include the introduction of Chrome Actions, which are text-based shortcuts for common browser tasks like clearing browsing data and accessing settings. Additionally, the company has been experimenting with integrating its own web engine into Chrome for iOS, pending potential policy changes from Apple. In essence, Google is positioning Chrome as a powerful tool for advanced users.

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