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Cruise launches an Android app for its self-driving taxis

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Cruise, the self-driving car company, has recently introduced an Android app for its ride-hailing service, enabling users in San Francisco to request robotaxis even if they don’t own an iPhone. Responding to the demand expressed on social media, Cruise acknowledged that 20 percent of its waitlisters use Android devices and deemed an Android app as one of the most sought-after updates. The new Android app from Cruise offers the same enhancements as its iOS counterpart, including the option to drop a movable pin on the map by long-pressing the screen.

Previously, Cruise operated exclusively for its employees, who could hail robotaxi rides across San Francisco at any time. However, in April, the company extended its daytime rides to public “power users” in specific areas of the city. It’s worth noting that Cruise initially obtained a permit from the California Public Utilities Commission to operate driverless vehicles in selected zones of San Francisco solely between 10 PM and 6 AM.

Android users with power user status or those who sign up as beta testers to provide feedback to Cruise in exchange for free rides will now be able to request daytime rides. Cruise also shared plans to gradually expand the availability of daytime rides to paying customers in San Francisco. Kyle Vogt, CEO of Cruise, stated that the company’s goal is to expand beyond San Francisco and operate fully in other cities. He emphasized that running robotaxis in San Francisco serves as a benchmark for the viability of the business, asserting that if the technology succeeds there, it can thrive in almost any location.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about self-driving taxis

Q: What is Cruise?

A: Cruise is a self-driving car company that offers ride-hailing services with its fleet of autonomous taxis in San Francisco.

Q: What is the latest update from Cruise?

A: Cruise has launched an Android app for its self-driving taxis, allowing users in San Francisco to book rides even if they don’t have an iPhone.

Q: How can Android users access Cruise’s self-driving taxis?

A: Android users can access Cruise’s self-driving taxis by downloading the newly launched Android app, which offers the same features as the iOS app.

Q: Can anyone use Cruise’s self-driving taxis?

A: Initially, Cruise opened its daytime rides to public “power users” in specific parts of San Francisco. However, they are gradually expanding availability, and eventually, paying customers will be able to use the service as well.

Q: What enhancements does the Android app offer?

A: The Android app from Cruise includes all the upgrades that the iOS app has received, such as the ability to drop a movable pin on the map by long-pressing the screen.

Q: Is Cruise planning to expand beyond San Francisco?

A: Yes, Cruise has expressed its intention to open up full operations in other cities. They believe that successfully operating robotaxis in San Francisco demonstrates the business viability and paves the way for expansion to other locations.

Q: How can Android users participate in Cruise’s beta testing?

A: Android users can sign up as beta testers to test beta features and provide feedback to Cruise. In exchange, they can receive free rides from the self-driving taxis.

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techguru23 June 21, 2023 - 11:39 am

cruise is expandin its self-drivin taxi service in san francisco! now they’re operatin 24/7 and even lettin android users get in on the action. that’s a big move! they started with only select areas at night, but now they’re openin up to more folks. bet they’ll be in other cities soon too. hope they keep improvin the tech!

ridesharerider June 21, 2023 - 5:45 pm

yay, cruise is launchin an android app! i’m not an iphone user, so this is great news. now i can finally call one of those robotaxis. heard they’re openin up daytime rides to more people too. can’t wait to try it out and see if it’s as good as they say. fingers crossed!

carlover96 June 21, 2023 - 10:26 pm

cruise is finally launching an android app for self-driving taxis! it’s about time, now everyone can use it even if they dont have an iphone. i heard that they had lots of people asking for this on social media. awesome that the android app has all the upgrades from the ios app, like droppin a moveable pin on the map by long pressin. go cruise!


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