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Domino’s can now deliver pizza almost anywhere using GPS pins

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Domino’s Pizza has revolutionized the way pizza is delivered by introducing Pinpoint Delivery, a groundbreaking feature that allows you to enjoy your favorite pizza anywhere, regardless of a fixed address. With Pinpoint Delivery, you simply drop a GPS pin on the map, and Domino’s will deliver your pizza right to that location. Whether you’re craving pizza at the beach or need to feed a soccer team on the field, Domino’s has got you covered. The company has confirmed that this service is available at all their restaurants, as long as the delivery driver can safely stop.

To avail this service, you’ll need to pre-pay for your order online and opt-in for text updates regarding your driver’s status. You can even track the delivery person’s GPS location, just like with regular deliveries. Please note that cash payments will not be accepted upon delivery. However, once the driver arrives, you can use a “visual signal” on your phone, similar to ride-hailing services, to notify them and complete the pickup.

Domino’s proudly claims to be the first quick-service restaurant chain in the US to offer GPS pin-based deliveries. While other delivery apps like Instacart may offer the flexibility to modify your location after selecting an address, Domino’s believes that their rideshare-style approach to delivery will attract more customers. By offering the convenience of pizza delivery virtually anywhere, not just at your home or office, Domino’s aims to become the go-to choice for pizza lovers.

This innovative Pinpoint Delivery feature is another example of Domino’s leveraging technology as a marketing strategy. They have already enabled pizza orders from cars and introduced self-driving delivery vehicles. Pinpoint Delivery is a logical progression of their tech-oriented approach, designed to appeal to tech enthusiasts who seek convenience and novelty when ordering from restaurants.

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