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Don’t Miss Out: Blink Video Doorbells & Cameras Drop to Record-Low Prices!

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Amazon is currently having a sale on their Blink video doorbells and cameras. That means people who want to make their homes smarter can get these items at special prices! Some of the products are now at the cheapest price they have ever been, including this bundle that comes with an Video Doorbell and Sync Module 2. Normally it would cost $85 for this, but right now it’s only $58 – that’s 31 percent cheaper!

The doorbell can show you a high quality video with sound and clear vision even at night. It does not have to be charged for up to two years as it runs on batteries. You just need the Blink app to set it up and also you don’t worry about bad weather since this doorbell has clever protection against water.

With Alexa, you can now have control over your doorbell. It means that you can use the voice assistant to arm or disarm the device and listen through it with its two-way audio feature. Plus, you can even check what the camera outside is seeing on either your phone or an Alexa powered display.

The Sync Module 2 lets you control your Blink devices with the Blink Home Monitor app. If you plug a USB storage drive into it, you can record video clips whenever movement is detected and watch the footage through the Blink app or on your computer when you plug in that flash drive.

Amazon has an amazing sale on Video Doorbells! Right now, you can get one for only $35, which is 30% off from its usual price of $50. That’s the lowest price ever recorded on Video Doorbells, so it’s a great deal that you don’t want to miss out on! To stay updated with more deals like this and buying advice, follow @BuyTechBlogDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the BuyTechBlog Deals newsletter.

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