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EA’s ‘Immortals of Aveum’ is delayed until August 22nd

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Immortals of Aveum delay

The highly anticipated fantasy first-person shooter, Immortals of Aveum, published by EA under its Originals brand, will now be hitting the shelves a bit later than initially announced. Originally highlighted at the Summer Game Fest earlier this month, the release of Ascendant Studios’ new game has been pushed back to August 22nd, a month later than its original release date.

Bret Robbins, the game director, and the Ascendant team released a blog post stating, “To fully realize our vision, we require a few additional weeks, setting our new launch date to Tuesday, August 22nd. This extension provides us with the opportunity to add the finishing touches, optimize across all platforms, and ensure a successful launch. We believe it’s crucial, both for ourselves and our players, to get this right.”

Ascendant Studios, featuring several alumni from EA and Telltale, embarked on their self-funded venture five years ago. The innovative concept of Immortals of Aveum abandons traditional guns, offering players a variety of magical spells instead.

Being one of the first major titles developed in Unreal Engine 5 (specifically UE 5.1), the game’s visuals have received praise for their impressiveness. However, during a hands-on preview at Summer Game Fest, a bug was encountered by Jessica Conditt, Senior Editor at BuyTechBlog, when a door failed to open, temporarily breaking the game. Here’s hoping the additional time will allow Ascendant Studios to iron out this and any other lingering issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Immortals of Aveum delay

When will EA’s Immortals of Aveum be released?

The release of Immortals of Aveum has been delayed to August 22nd.

Why has Immortals of Aveum been delayed?

According to the game director Bret Robbins and the Ascendant team, the delay is to fully realize their vision for the game, to further polish it, optimize it for all platforms, and ensure a successful launch.

Who is developing Immortals of Aveum?

Immortals of Aveum is being developed by Ascendant Studios, which includes several former EA and Telltale developers.

What makes Immortals of Aveum unique as a first-person shooter?

Instead of traditional guns, Immortals of Aveum uses magic as its primary mechanic, giving players a variety of spells to use.

What engine is Immortals of Aveum built on?

Immortals of Aveum is one of the first major games built using Unreal Engine 5, specifically version UE 5.1.

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