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Engadget Podcast: The AI-Generated ‘South Park’ Episode Featuring Us

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Now, AI can weave us into South Park narratives, a prospect that raises some eyebrows. This week, our hosts, Devindra and Deputy Editor Nathan Ingraham, engage in an enlightening conversation with Edward Saatchi, the CEO of The Simulation, who shares insights on his firm’s groundbreaking AI technology capable of creating TV shows, films, and beyond. We explore a pilot South Park episode featuring Devindra and ponder whether this technology could be a boon or a bane for the creative community. Additionally, Editor at Large James Trew comes onboard to discuss his article on AI-assisted immortality. Keeping the sci-fi vibe alive, Devindra also converses with Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier, the creative minds behind Netflix’s film, They Cloned Tyrone.

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A discussion with The Simulation CEO Edward Saatchi about the AI-rendered South Park episode – 0:59

James Trew’s insights on digital immortality and AI’s role in the emerging “grief tech” sector – 20:48

Microsoft / Activision Blizzard’s ultimate merger timeline extended until October – 32:19

Apple is developing its proprietary generative AI chatbot – 33:19

Google’s trial of an AI tool for drafting news stories – 38:15

ASUS’s acquisition of Intel’s NUC PC operations – 44:20

In BuyTechBlog: Sam Rutherford’s review of the Nothing Phone 2 – 51:21

Listener’s query: Rohan from Singapore asks what’s preventing the iPad from becoming a “real” computer – 56:11

What we are working on – 1:03:54

Pop culture suggestions – 1:07:43

A chat with the makers of the new Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone – 1:13:25

Hosts: Devindra Hardawar and Nathan Ingraham
Guests: Edward Saatchi, James Trew, Juel Taylor, and Tony Rettenmaier
Producer: Ben Ellman
Music: Dale North and Terrence O’Brien

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Artificial Intelligence in Media

What is the main topic of the Engadget podcast discussed?

The main topic of the podcast is a discussion about AI’s capabilities in creating TV episodes, specifically a South Park episode, and the implications of this technology on the creative industry.

Who are the guests in the Engadget podcast?

The guests in the podcast are Edward Saatchi, CEO of The Simulation, James Trew, an Editor at Large, and Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier, the director and writer of Netflix’s film ‘They Cloned Tyrone’.

What are some other topics covered in the podcast?

Other topics include the concept of AI-powered digital immortality, the extension of Microsoft / Activision Blizzard’s merger deadline, Apple’s development of a generative AI chatbot, and Google’s AI tool for generating news articles.

Who are the hosts of the Engadget podcast?

The hosts of the Engadget podcast are Devindra Hardawar and Deputy Editor Nathan Ingraham.

What is the new technology by The Simulation mentioned in the podcast?

The Simulation has developed a new AI technology that can generate TV episodes, movies, and more. A test South Park episode created by this technology is discussed in the podcast.

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PurpleFan July 21, 2023 - 3:58 pm

this stuff about AI-powered immortality is seriously intriguing. Is this the next step for mankind? Makes u wonder…

ScreenWriterJoe July 21, 2023 - 7:32 pm

Apple developing its own AI chatbot? Finally! About time we had a Siri that actually understands us, eh?

CyberGuru22 July 21, 2023 - 7:36 pm

As a creative person, not sure how i feel about this. AIs creating episodes n movies? Where’s the human touch?

TechieLiz July 22, 2023 - 12:38 am

The Simulation is definitely pushing the boundaries. I mean, AI creating TV episodes and movies?? who would’ve thought…

GeorgeHill July 22, 2023 - 11:16 am

sounds crazy, ain’t it? We’re living in a world where AI can make us characters in a South Park episode. Too much sci-fi, I guess! 😀

AppleFanBoy July 22, 2023 - 1:32 pm

Google’s AI tool for generating news articles, now that’s interesting! Wonder how objective it’ll be…


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