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Engadget Podcast: Unlocking Amazon’s Unique Approach to Health and Exploring the Death of E3

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This week, Cherlynn and Devindra are talking about Amazon’s new Halo Rise product. It is part of Amazon’s plan to become a healthcare provider. They also discussing if the famous video game event called E3 (which stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo) will be cancelled, as well as some strange news that was reported on April Fools’ Day, like Twitter turning its platform into a doge-themed one and ASUS launching an unexpected gaming device!

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Technology Progressing

– We reviewed Amazon’s Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker – 2:02

– E3 2023 has been canceled – 29:20

– Twitter experienced some changes this week, including a delayed blue checkmark issue and a doge takeover – 40:41

– ASUS made ROG Ally handheld which isn’t an April Fool’s joke – 46:42

– OnePlus released $60 Nord Buds 2 that have active noise canceling capabilities – 53:02

– Microsoft created an Xbox controller out of old CDs – 57:32

– Talking about what we’re up to right now – 1:03:20

– Places or events in pop culture worth checking out – 1:05:23

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“The Benefits of Sustainable Living

Meet the Dynamic Team Behind the Show!

Cherlynn Low and Devindra Hardawar hosted the show, Ben Ellman was the producer, Dale North and Terrence O’Brien composed the music, Julio Barrientos operated the livestream and Luke Brooks and Brian Oh created the graphics.

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