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Explore the Relaxing Mystery of Lofi Girl

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Jade is the face of the popular Lofi Girl YouTube channel. Since 2017, fans have become used to her being around. But recently, something strange happened – Jade and her ginger tabby cat suddenly disappeared at 1PM ET! Everyone in the Lofi Girl fandom is talking about it because nothing this exciting has happened since a copyright claim nearly took down the YouTube channel last year.

When someone was not around, people began to focus on a window of one of the buildings opposite Jade’s house. There was a blue light that blinked in Morse code that linked to a website: ‘www.lofiworld.com’. You can click on the ‘Launch’ button which takes you to a second stream with ambient music, and there is also an old-style clock counting down to April 11th at 1PM ET. The whole place was bathed in blue light with items from 2000s like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Model Kits and Nintendo GameCube for decoration. It appears to be part of some kind of advertising or marketing campaign but no one knows what it means yet.

Team AMW, the company who handles Lofi Girl’s channel, said there will be a special “surprise” on April 11th that would make the channel’s content even more exciting. It looks like you can buy some merchandise related to the channel too! We’ll find out what the surprise on April 11 is all about tomorrow!

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