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Exploring the Possibilities of Google’s New AI-Powered Search Engine

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Google is in a rush to build a brand new search engine that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new search engine will help people by predicting what they want and gives them better, more personalized experiences. As of now, Google has not set any specific timeline for this project. However, the company is also making AI features for its current search engine with an internal name called “Magi”.

Google is working on some cool new technology like robots that can answer any software engineering questions and generate code. They have also tried to come up with an idea so that people could search for music through conversations with robots. Google has employed over 160 people who are working hard on finishing this redesign project.

Google is currently working on a few new features such as “Searchalong”, where you can chat with a robot that can give you extra information about whatever webpage you’re visiting. For example, if you were looking for a place to stay on Airbnb, the chatbot could show you fun things to do near your accommodation. It’s also testing out ‘GIFI’ and ‘Tivoli Tutor’, which will make it possible to get images when use Google Image Search and help someone learn a new language by talking with a bot. Many of these features already exist on other websites like Duolingo or even in Slides (for image generation).

Next month, Google is planning to announce something called Magi. After that, they will add more features in the fall. We think this project might be mentioned at I/O 2023. A million people in the US have access to Magi’s features before the end of this year and it should expand to about 30 million users by then.

Google told BuyTechBlog that they’ve been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their search engine results and create new ways of searching like Lens and multisearch. They explained that not every product idea they come up with will be launched, but they are still excited to bring more AI-powered features to Search in the future.

Last month, Samsung said they were thinking of making Bing their default search engine instead of Google. This scared Google because the money that comes from having its search engine on Samsung is worth about three billion dollars per year. There’s also talks this year between Apple and Google to renew their agreement which pays a lot of money too and has had a lot of people questioning why it even exists.

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