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“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: A Dive into Broader Horizons and Deeper Combat”

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

It’s a question that has likely crossed the minds of many Final Fantasy enthusiasts: How many times are we going to buy this game? Well, the answer remains uncertain, but I recently had the privilege of getting hands-on experience with two demos of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the somewhat questionably named second chapter of what promises to be a captivating three-part remake of the iconic 1997 RPG.

Across these two separate demos, totaling about an hour of gameplay, I caught a glimpse of what’s in store when Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches in February 2024. The first demo whisked me away into a flashback, a tale of hero Cloud and his once-dreaded adversary Sephiroth embarking on a journey into a problematic reactor nestled in the hometown of Tifa and Cloud – Nibel. For those familiar with the original 1997 game, this chapter took place shortly after the party’s departure from Midgar, albeit with an intriguing twist: you can now play, control, and even fight as the silver-haired antagonist himself, Sephiroth, in battles. Surprisingly, at this point in the storyline, Sephiroth and Cloud seem to be on rather friendly terms.

This flashback serves as a reintroduction to the battle system of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which blends real-time attacks and defense with specialized techniques, magical spells, and all the fantastical elements the series is known for. The result is a hybrid combat system that offers a satisfying blend of action and strategy, even if it might not cater to the tastes of die-hard turn-based RPG aficionados.

Now, since this is a sequel, you can expect some fresh facets and tricks up its sleeve. One notable addition is the emphasis on characters teaming up to deliver devastating attacks. This concept was teased in the Remake’s DLC chapter, centered on Yuffie and Sonan, but it’s now available for Cloud and the core party members. Depending on who your controlled character is fighting alongside, you’ll have different synergy skills at your disposal. For instance, when Sephiroth and Cloud join forces, you can choose between a chargeable sword attack, enhanced by Sephiroth’s mysterious magic, or a ranged attack. These synergy skills may not deal massive damage, but their instant reusability and ease of initiation, through simple button presses while guarding, add a layer of strategy to combat.

During my playthrough, I witnessed examples of synergy skills that launched Tifa into the air to engage flying enemies and allowed Aerith to summon an ally for defense. These strategic skills piqued my interest the most, as they promise a dynamic and tactical approach to battles. Additionally, there are more conventional collaborative attacks, such as Yuffie’s fiery ninjitsu spells combined with Barret’s gun barrage.

On a personal note, I couldn’t help but wonder if these synergy skills could be the answer to my longstanding gripe with the arbitrary behavior of aerial attacks in FF7 Remake. Could this simple, repeatable skill be the solution I’ve been waiting for? Time will tell.

But there’s more to it than just synergy skills. Rebirth introduces synergy abilities, akin to “ultimate attacks” for your paired-up heroes. These abilities build up as you use synergy skills, regular attacks, and defend, culminating in awe-inspiring moves. For Cloud and Sephiroth, it’s a combined sword attack that truly shines against formidable foes.

Now, you might be wondering how the development team is handling the transfer of established characters. Will there be some narrative MacGuffin to wipe the slate clean? So far, it doesn’t seem that way. Many moves and special attacks, if not all, earned in the first part of the trilogy are readily available in the demo. However, it remains uncertain whether equipment or materia, those spell-slinging orbs attached to weapons, will carry over. I did notice some new materia, including one that appears to “level up” paired materia, promising even more potent spells.

Believe me, you’ll need all the firepower you can get, as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introduces larger and more challenging adversaries. The first part of the remake project was already visually stunning, especially in its polished-up Intergrade version on the PS5 and other platforms. So, can you expect further improvements in this new installment, designed for 2023’s consoles and PCs? The answer is a resounding yes, at least from what I observed.

Square Enix recommended that we experience the demos in graphics mode, which offers higher-resolution textures at the cost of smoother frame rates. Fortunately, Rebirth seemed to maintain healthier frame rates during this demo compared to Remake, which is a promising sign. (Though personally, I’ll likely opt for the frame-rate priority mode when playing the full game.)

The second demo delved into showcasing the game’s capabilities on more robust hardware, transporting us to an open-world area surrounding the military city of Junon – an expanse even grander than what we encountered in FF7 Remake.

Characters can now sprint and vault over obstacles and terrain, giving the world a less linear feel than its predecessor, even in the more constrained reactor demo. There’s a sense of freedom and exploration, even though the traversal may not match the fluidity of games like the Horizon series or Assassin’s Creed. I mean, we can’t expect Cloud, with his massive sword, to pull off parkour stunts, right?

Sprinting can only take you so far, though. The second demo kicked off with the party hopping on the trusty Final Fantasy steed of choice – chocobos. As I roamed the area, I unlocked several quick-travel points to expedite my journey. Despite the time constraints, I managed to face off against some formidable enemies, each with additional battle challenges. These encounters deepened my understanding of the new battle system, emphasizing the importance of saving specific attacks for the right moment.

Combat in Rebirth retains the dynamics of building up stagger gauges, pressuring foes with elemental attacks, executing well-timed dodges, and targeting weak points. Each character brings a unique combat style into play, making them particularly effective against different adversaries. Gunner Barret and Aerith excel as long-range attackers, while brawler Tifa and cat-wolf Red XIII specialize in short-range combat. During the demo, I had the opportunity to switch between different, albeit predetermined, party groupings, ensuring a balanced team composition for various challenges.

As I guided Cloud and the gang through cliffs and grasslands, I collected items that could be combined in a new crafting menu to create healing items on the fly. These crafted potions came with additional benefits, such as magic point recovery or status ailment healing. It’s evident that Square Enix is committed to deepening the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake with these new features.

The big question that lingers is how the development team intends to twist the story further. Final Fantasy VII Remake already hinted at alternate timelines and deviations from the original PS1 storyline. We’ll have to wait until February 2024 to uncover the full extent of these narrative twists.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth appears to be a promising continuation of the beloved classic, offering a deeper and more engaging combat experience, expanded exploration opportunities, and intriguing character synergy. With improved visuals and a commitment to refining the gameplay, it’s shaping up to be a must-play title for fans and newcomers alike. The countdown to February 2024 begins, and I, for one, can’t wait to dive back into the world of Cloud, Sephiroth, and the unforgettable journey that is Final Fantasy 7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Q: When is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth expected to be released?

A: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is slated for release in February 2024, giving fans something to look forward to in the not-so-distant future.

Q: Can I expect any significant changes in the gameplay compared to the original 1997 RPG?

A: Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth introduces several gameplay enhancements, including character synergy skills, ultimate attacks, and the ability to team up for coordinated attacks. These additions promise a deeper and more engaging combat experience.

Q: Are familiar characters and their abilities from the first part of the remake trilogy still available in the second chapter?

A: Many moves and special attacks earned in the first part of the trilogy remain accessible in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. However, it’s uncertain whether equipment or materia will transfer between the games. The demo also hints at new materia with upgraded capabilities.

Q: How has the game’s graphics and performance improved compared to the previous installment?

A: Square Enix recommended playing the demos in graphics mode, which offers higher-resolution textures. Notably, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth appeared to maintain healthier frame rates during the demo compared to the previous Remake, indicating an improvement in performance. Players can also choose between graphics and frame-rate priority modes to tailor their experience.

Q: Is there a significant expansion of the game world and exploration opportunities?

A: Absolutely. The second demo showcased an open-world area around the military city of Junon, offering a more expansive and less linear experience compared to its predecessor. Characters can sprint, vault over obstacles, and even ride chocobos, making exploration more dynamic and engaging.

Q: Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth feature a unique storyline, or will it closely follow the original PS1 version?

A: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth promises narrative twists and alternate timelines, as hinted in the previous Remake. The full extent of these story deviations and surprises will be unveiled when the game releases in February 2024.

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FantasyFanatic123 September 21, 2023 - 4:30 am

Omg, I’m so stoked! Rebirth seems like it’s gonna b even bettr than the first one, no doubt!

StorySpeculator September 21, 2023 - 5:26 am

Alternate timelines and narrative twists? Count me in! Can’t wait to see where they take the story in 2024.

GamerDude94 September 21, 2023 - 9:41 am

this sounds awesome cant wait for feb 2024 ima play it in graphics mode fo sho

RPGNerdGuy September 21, 2023 - 6:00 pm

They really upgradin this game, gotta make sure my gear and materia are ready for the new adventure!

CuriousCat September 21, 2023 - 6:18 pm

chocobos!!? that’s so cool, i wanna ride one of those birbs in the game for sure!!

TechGeekGal September 21, 2023 - 6:24 pm

Luv the synergy skills idea, adds mad depth to the combat, super excited bout this!


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