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Fortnite’s next season features Transformers and rideable raptors

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Fortnite Wilds Season

The upcoming season of Fortnite, coined as Fortnite Wilds, is set to restructure the battle island yet again, this time unveiling a lush jungle at its heart. The official trailer was launched during the Summer Game Fest Live event on June 9th.

Epic Games is infusing an adventurous twist into the gameplay with the addition of rideable, vibrant velociraptors and undiscovered ancient ruins. The terrain is further modified with intriguing elements of mud and vine. Surprisingly, the season’s narrative also intersects with a Transformers collaboration, featuring the iconic Optimus Prime amidst the jungle shenanigans. Coincidentally, the launch coincides with the release of a new Transformers movie this week.

Though the correlation between the jungle-themed season and the latest Transformers collaboration might seem vague, it is anticipated that millions of gaming enthusiasts will still flock to experience the novel season. After all, the prospect of navigating the island on a raptor’s back, donned in an Optimus Prime avatar, does sound thrilling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fortnite Wilds Season

What is the theme for the new season of Fortnite?

The new season, named Fortnite Wilds, introduces a jungle theme with elements like rideable velociraptors, ancient ruins, mud, and vines.

When does Fortnite Wilds begin?

Fortnite Wilds commences on June 9th.

How does the new Fortnite season integrate Transformers?

The season includes a surprising Transformers collaboration, featuring Optimus Prime in the jungle-themed gameplay. This comes in conjunction with the release of a new Transformers movie.

Will the Fortnite island structure change in the new season?

Yes, Epic Games is revamping the Fortnite island in the new season by collapsing the center to reveal a lush jungle.

What is the significance of the Summer Game Fest in relation to Fortnite Wilds?

The cinematic trailer for Fortnite Wilds was debuted during the Summer Game Fest Live event.

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