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France Takes a Stand: TikTok and Candy Crush Banned from Government Phones

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In France, there’s a new rule about apps on government-owned phones. Apps like TikTok, Netflix, Twitter and even Candy Crush will no longer be allowed on these devices. This is to prevent any risks that might put the employees’ or the government’s data in danger, according to the Public Service Minister Stanislas Guerini.

The government hasn’t said which apps they’re banning. But, they do say there may be some certain cases when people will be allowed to use it for important chats. This won’t keep companies’ social media pages from working either. The ban begins right away, and penalties can be decided case-by-case by management. This rule won’t affect people’s private phones.

The US government, several states, Canada, the European Commission, and the UK have all decided to not allow their workers to use TikTok on any of their devices. This is because there are worries that the Chinese government might be able to collect private data about people of importance, spread false information, and make ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) give them sensitive data.

TikTok has said that it is not connected with the Chinese government. The CEO, Shou Chew told a committee in the House of Representatives yesterday that ByteDance is “not China’s representative” and also confirmed that American users’ data will not be accessible to people outside America by the end of this year due to their migration project.

The French government is not targeting any individual country or app. They are just concerned that apps used for entertainment may put national data in danger by accident. This may be bad news for people who want to watch movies during their lunch breaks, but this could make politicians feel better knowing data won’t be accidentally shared on social media.

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