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Get Microsoft Office for Mac and PC for Just $40 With This Amazing Deal

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If you’ve ever used a computer in school or work, you probably already know all about the Microsoft Office suite of apps. Word is like the industry-standard for typing and creating documents, Excel gives you much more formatting control than Google Sheets does when it comes to spreadsheets, PowerPoint helps us make amazing presentations, Outlook manages our emails, and Access – which works only on Windows computers – can help us manage databases too! However, buying these apps separately can be pretty expensive.

If you need something more than free Office software, your choices are either a Microsoft 365 plan for recurring payments or one-time purchase worth $430 that includes much more. But currently on StackSocial you can get the same Office license for just $40 – no need to keep paying monthly and it works on both Mac and Windows computers. So instead of shelling out big bucks, why not take the offer while it lasts?

You can now get Microsoft Office for a lifetime! It only costs $40, no matter if you are using a Mac or a Windows computer. So if you use either one of them on the regular, this deal is perfect for you!

StackSocial has a great offer that is way cheaper than having a Microsoft 365 subscription for your computer. You can also use the free, online version of Microsoft Office, but it does not have as many features. For Apple users, you should keep in mind now that Outlook app is totally free to download and use!

This great deal comes with some things to keep in mind. This key only works on one computer, so you can’t install it on more than one device at a time and if your current computer breaks, transferring the Office software might get tricky. Additionally, you don’t get some benefits that come with subscribing to Microsoft365 like access to cloud storage or cool AI features. Apps will continue working as long as the computer does, but Microsoft’s services for this version of Office end in October 2026.

When Microsoft sells you a “lifetime license” for something, there’s always the possibility they might end the license. But we bought this deal more than a year ago in early 2022 and it still works great. You save money in just over 6 months if you get this offer compared to just paying the subscription fee. Even though you have that risk factor, it still isn’t too bad of an investment.

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