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Get up to $300 Off on the Latest Surface Pro 9 During Microsoft’s Spring Sale

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Are you looking for a special tablet to use on your trips or school? Microsoft and Amazon are having a spring sale. You can get discounts up to $300! Almost all versions of the tablets, whether they use Intel or ARM chipsets, have some sort of discount. The larger models with more advanced components like i7 Processor, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD storage even cost only $1,600 (normally it would be $1,900) for both Intel and ARM versions. And if you want to include 5G network then the price stays the same!

Head over to Amazon to check out the Surface Pro 9. It starts at $1,000 and if you’re lucky, you may even get a discount of $100 that gives you an extra 256GB hard drive for free! You can upgrade further and get more RAM and storage with prices ranging from $1,300-$2,300. Also there’s a sale on the signature keyboard with discounts up to $75.

The Surface Pro 9 is an amazing thin tablet that packs a lot of power for doing multiple tasks at the same time. Plus, you can even add more storage by upgrading its SSD if needed. It also has 5G support which means it can stay connected when you’re out camping or traveling for work.

If you’re searching for a tablet that can totally replace your laptop, an Intel-based Surface Pro 9 is definitely the way to go. Not only is it much faster than its ARM version, but it supports more apps too! Plus, you’ll have to pay extra for the keyboard that’s required when using this device. Even so, the Surface Pro 9 has enough power to handle all your work needs while also being small and light enough to carry around and jot down notes with the special pen accessory.

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