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Global PC Sales Down a Third in First Quarter of 2021

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The PC market is getting worse and worse. During the first quarter of 2023, computer shipments went down by 29 to 33 percent worldwide according to Canalys and IDC. HP had the least decrease with only 24 percent, whereas Apple suffered the most with more than 40 percent less shipments. Dell, Lenovo and ASUS dropped almost 30 percent too.

People are not buying new PCs right now because prices of things are going up and the sudden need for working from home has gone down. Apple is a bit different than the other PC companies and they usually sell more expensive computers, so they have had an even harder time with sales. But luckily, they moved to using their own chips which helped them out during this tough period. However, it looks like their ‘luck’ may be running out.

Experts think this is the worst drop the PC market will experience in 2023 and that things will get better after the middle of next year. Schools will have to upgrade their old Chromebooks, while businesses might switch to a newer version of Windows. This slowdown also gives manufacturers an opportunity to move some factories outside of China.

Experts say that even though the worst of problems in the PC industry might be over, it could take quite a while for things to go back how they were. Companies are going to stay safe by making computers that they know will sell, instead of trying anything new or different. So you shouldn’t expect too many new ideas for a little bit yet.

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