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Google AI Planning Tools Could Beat Climate Change’s Extreme Heat

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Google has come up with a whole set of helpful tools on the internet for people working to prevent extreme weather disasters like floods in cities and forest fires in rural areas. These tools can be used by government officials and anyone trying to stop climate change from causing too much damage.

Google is now sending out extreme heat alerts whenever it’s hot outside. So if you search on Google, you can find the start and end dates of the heatwave, along with information about what medical issues could occur during this period and how to avoid them. They are getting all this info from a place called Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN), which means that all of their data is accurate and useful.

It is much easier to keep people from feeling too hot in cities if the cities themselves aren’t so warm. Unfortunately, buildings made out of concrete don’t really help with that. Google has created something called Tree Canopy to help with this issue. Tree Canopy is a feature inside their Environmental Insights Explorer app which uses pictures and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand how many trees are in different areas of cities, so that city governments can develop plans to add more trees.

Tree Canopy is a program that’s already being used in many cities around the world. On Wednesday, it got announced that Tree Canopy will be expanding to around 350 more cities including Atlanta, Sydney, Lisbon and Paris. Additionally, Google also has AI-supported plans for building roofs which reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it like regular tar paper roofs do.

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