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Google Just Launched a Beta App For Windows PC: Nearby Share

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Google recently released the Nearby Share app for Windows to make it easier to transfer files between your mobile phone and your PC. All you need is a computer with Windows 10 version 64-bit or higher that doesn’t have an ARM processor. Then, you can download the Nearby Share app right away from the Android website.

You need to turn on your computer’s WiFi and Bluetooth so that you can use this feature. You can pick who sees your device and send you files, like a superhero! Head to the drop-down menu for the “device visibility setting” tab. There you will find four choices: visible to all; only contacts; only your own devices; or nobody at all! Unless you pick nobody at all, an Android phone can transfer pictures and stuff to your computer in two ways – with the app open or running in the background.

To transfer files from your computer to an Android phone, just drag or drop them onto the Nearby Share app, or you can right-click on the file and select ‘Nearby Share.’ If both of your devices are logged in with the same Google account, the transfer will be accepted automatically. But, both devices have to be close – no more than 16 feet away from one another.

Google just made their new Nearby Share available in almost all countries around the world – excluding some. This application only works with Android phones and tablets for now, but Google plans to add compatibility with more of their devices soon.

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