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Google Unveils ChatGPT Rival Bard – Try It Out Today!

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Google has announced that it is now giving the public access to its own AI-powered chatbot called Bard, which is a rival of services from Microsoft and OpenAI. People living in United States and United Kingdom can join a waitlist at the Bard site.

Google’s Sissie Hsiao and Eli Collins wrote in a blog post that they want to get feedback from more people since that would help in improving Bard.

Google released Bard recently because OpenAI created ChatGPT at the end of 2019. ChatGPT was amazing since it could understand and respond to questions, like making poems and cover letters for social media managers.

By January, it was estimated that ChatGPT had reached 100 million active users, which means it was the fastest-growing platform in web history! This caused lots of other companies to follow and introduce their own AI products too. For example, Microsoft created a new search called Bing and added “copilots” onto Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Google also worked on Workspace tools such as Gmail and Docs with improved AI features.

Recently, Google showed off its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool called Bard. Unfortunately, when it tried to prove how wonderful this tool is, Bard answered something wrong about the James Webb Space Telescope. On Tuesday, Google admitted that Bard isn’t perfect and won’t always provide the right answer.

Bard, which is a tool by Google, introduces itself as someone that can help you be creative. It suggests ideas for activities like going camping or writing a novel. This program may also show information that is wrong or offensive and it doesn’t follow Google’s beliefs.

Many companies, such as Google, Microsoft, DuckDuckGo and Adobe are introducing new products and services that use Artificial Intelligence (AI). This has raised questions about safety and accuracy. People are also wondering what the future holds with AI and if it could be misunderstood.

In a statement about its AI technology named Bard, Google said that responsible development is important and they have their own guidelines for it. They also mentioned that access to Bard will be expanded in more countries and languages in the future. Google didn’t give an extra comment when asked for one.

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