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Google’s Duet AI: A Helping Hand in Your Workspace, for a Price

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AI-driven Workspace Enhancement

When Google unveiled its grand visions for generative artificial intelligence at the I/O event, one of the highlights was the integration of the Duet AI virtual assistant into its suite of Workspace productivity applications. The company is now rolling out this AI marvel to those who opt for professional versions of Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and other Workspace tools. Not stopping there, Duet AI is also making its debut in Google Meet and Google Chat.

For those curious souls, Google offers a free trial of Duet AI within the Google Workspace. But, like many good things in life, beyond that trial period, it’s time to pony up some cash. For larger organizations with an appetite for streamlined productivity, the cost stands at $30 per month per user, as reported by The Verge. Notably, Microsoft sets the same price tag for its 365 AI Copilot in the Office apps. The pricing specifics for smaller organizations, however, are yet to be etched in digital stone.

Duet AI isn’t just another fancy gadget; it’s more like your ultimate sidekick, equipped with an arsenal of tools designed to tackle your workload head-on. It can whip up an entire email draft in Gmail, sparing you the mental gymnastics of composing that perfect message. Beyond that, it dives into the depths of your emails and documents, emerging with a neat summary of recent work activities, perfect for impressing your higher-ups during the quarterly performance review. And if that wasn’t enough, Duet AI goes the extra mile by crafting presentations based on its findings. Just remember to give those slides a once-over before unveiling them to your bosses.

Oh, and let’s not forget about its artistic side. Duet AI can also generate images, adding a splash of visual flair to your content.

But the AI magic doesn’t stop there. Duet AI struts its stuff in Google Meet and Chat too, albeit with slightly different tricks up its digital sleeves. In Meet, it’s all about helping you look and sound like a pro. With studio-like enhancements in lighting, sound, and overall appearance, Duet AI ensures you’re at your prime during those video meetings. It even employs face detection and dynamic tiles to grant each participant their video tile, turning an ordinary meeting into a visual fiesta.

As a nod to inclusivity and global connectivity, Meet will offer translated captions in 18 languages. This means you can follow conversations even if they’re happening in languages you don’t speak. Google’s AI prowess comes into play as it translates spoken words into text in real time, making language barriers a thing of the past.

Taking notes can sometimes be a chore, but Duet AI is here to make it a breeze. With its “take notes for me” feature, the assistant records action items and captures video snippets, then conveniently sends out a summary to attendees post-meeting. And if you accidentally snoozed through the beginning of a meeting (hey, we’ve all been there), Duet AI will swiftly bring you up to speed with an in-progress summary.

But what if you can’t attend a meeting at all? Fear not, for Duet AI can attend on your behalf. It relays your points to other attendees and provides you with a summary afterward. Just a word of caution: if everyone starts sending their AI twins to the meeting, Meet might just call it a day.

Not content with conquering your work life, Duet AI waltzes into Google Chat as well. Ready to take on the likes of Slack and Microsoft Teams, it’s armed with information on a wide range of topics. You can interrogate it with questions, get updates on missed conversations, and even have it summarize shared documents. Google has spruced up Chat’s user interface, thrown in more shortcuts, and elevated the search function to new heights with suggestions and autocomplete. Typos, beware—autocorrect is here to save the day. Plus, Chat communities are set to expand to accommodate up to 500,000 users, creating digital spaces for every imaginable interest. And if typing isn’t your thing, a Meet-powered huddle lets you hash things out through voice chats.

The burning question of privacy is on everyone’s minds, and Google addresses it head-on. Interactions with Duet AI are strictly between you and the assistant. Your data remains your fortress, and Google promises not to use it to train models without your nod. In the age of data concerns, this is a reassuring stance.

Duet AI isn’t just Google’s attempt at a mic-drop in the AI arena. It’s stepping up to the plate against the likes of ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot. In a delightful twist, third-party applications will soon harness Duet AI’s power, like an upcoming app that whips up recipes based on the contents of your fridge—now that’s innovation! Google’s ambitious CEO, Sundar Pichai, has his eye on the prize, promising to bring out Gemini, their answer to ChatGPT, when it’s ready for the world. As Google scales up its AI infrastructure, Pichai admits to some sleepless nights, but hey, that’s the price of pushing boundaries.

So, whether you’re drafting emails, crunching numbers, or just need a virtual buddy for your meetings, Duet AI has got your back. It’s the fusion of technology and productivity, an assistant that’s just a digital whisper away. As Google dives into this brave new AI world, it’s not just saying “okay” to the challenges—it’s embracing them with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI-driven Workspace Enhancement

What is Duet AI and how does it work in Google Workspace?

Duet AI is Google’s cutting-edge virtual assistant designed to enhance productivity in its Workspace apps. It can generate emails, summarize work activities, create presentations, and even assist in meetings.

How much does Duet AI cost for professional users?

After a free trial, Duet AI is available to professional users of Google Workspace for $30 per month per user. This fee grants access to its powerful features that streamline various tasks.

What are the benefits of using Duet AI in Google Meet?

Duet AI brings studio-quality enhancements to Google Meet, improving participants’ appearance and sound quality. It uses face detection and dynamic tiles to create an engaging and visually appealing meeting experience.

Can Duet AI assist in note-taking and catching up on missed meetings?

Absolutely! Duet AI excels in note-taking during meetings, capturing action items and video snippets. It also provides in-progress summaries for those who join a meeting late or missed part of it.

How does Duet AI enhance Google Chat?

Duet AI enriches Google Chat by answering questions, summarizing conversations, and providing insights from shared documents. It even includes autocorrect and the ability to hold voice-powered discussions in Meet-powered huddles.

What about privacy concerns when using Duet AI?

Google assures users that interactions with Duet AI remain private. Your data won’t be used to train models without your permission, aligning with Google’s commitment to data privacy and security.

How does Duet AI compare to other AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot?

Duet AI is Google’s answer to streamlined productivity. It competes with tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, offering features like email generation, meeting enhancements, and advanced assistance in Workspace apps.

What’s next for Duet AI and Google’s AI initiatives?

Google has big plans for Duet AI, aiming to make it an integral part of Workspace and beyond. CEO Sundar Pichai promises even more innovations as they scale up their AI infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

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