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Hands-On with the Amazon Echo Frames (3rd-gen): Style, Sound, and Alexa’s New Best Friend

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Echo Frames 3rd gen review

Amazon’s foray into the world of smart glasses has been met with mixed reviews so far, but the tech giant aims to change the game with its third-generation Echo Frames. In this hands-on review, we’ll explore the refined design, improved sound quality, extended battery life, and enhanced voice recognition that these smart glasses bring to the table.

A Sleeker Design

One of the first noticeable changes in the third-gen Echo Frames is their sleeker design. Amazon has managed to trim down the area around your temples that houses all the components, resulting in a more streamlined and comfortable fit. Moreover, the aesthetics have received a makeover, making these smart glasses and sunglasses options much more appealing.

Amazon has also teamed up with the fashion-forward Carrera Eyewear to offer smart glasses with a refined touch. This collaboration brings even more style options to the table, ensuring that Echo Frames not only function well but also look good while doing it.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Sound quality is a critical factor for any audio device, and Amazon has made strides in this department. The third-gen Echo Frames boast three times more bass than their predecessors, promising an improved audio experience. However, it’s worth noting that while the audio quality is better, it may not replace a dedicated set of earbuds or headphones for music enthusiasts. Nevertheless, these frames excel in delivering podcasts or handling calls, making them a versatile choice.

Extended Battery Life

Wearable device users will appreciate the extended battery life of the new Echo Frames, which can now last up to six hours on a single charge. This improvement means you can confidently go through a full workday without worrying about running out of power.

Reduced Sound Leakage

In an effort to make the listening experience more private, Amazon has reconfigured the speakers in the Echo Frames. They are now more focused on directing sound into your ears, reducing sound leakage into the surrounding environment. While people nearby may still hear some audio, it’s far less distracting than before.

Improved Voice Recognition

Amazon has incorporated advanced speech-processing technology to enhance Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities in noisy or windy conditions. The company claims it’s ten times better than the previous version, and in our hands-on experience, it lived up to that promise. Even in a noisy demo area, summoning Alexa was a breeze, and the hands-free activation eliminates the need to press a button on the frames to engage the voice assistant.

The Fit Factor

One aspect to consider is the fit, which can vary from person to person. In our demo, one user with a larger head encountered issues with keeping the Echo Frames in place. They tended to slide down the nose with minimal movement. Amazon may need to consider offering options for people with wider faces to ensure a better fit for everyone.

Pricing and Availability

The third-gen Echo Frames are priced starting at $270, while the Carrera models come in at $390. Both options offer prescription and blue light lens choices. However, as of now, Amazon has not provided a release date for these new models.

In conclusion, Amazon’s Echo Frames (3rd-gen) appear to be a step in the right direction for smart glasses, combining style, improved sound, longer battery life, and enhanced voice recognition. While they may not replace your high-end headphones, they offer a compelling way to interact with Alexa on the go. As Amazon continues to refine and expand its smart eyewear offerings, it will be interesting to see how these innovations shape the future of wearable technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Echo Frames 3rd gen review

Q: What are the key improvements in the third-gen Amazon Echo Frames?

A: The third-gen Echo Frames feature a sleeker design, enhanced sound quality with three times more bass, extended battery life up to six hours, reduced sound leakage, and improved voice recognition in noisy conditions.

Q: Are there style options available for Echo Frames?

A: Yes, Amazon offers various style options for Echo Frames, and they have collaborated with Carrera Eyewear to provide even more fashionable choices.

Q: Can Echo Frames replace regular headphones for music?

A: While the audio quality is improved, Echo Frames may not entirely replace high-end headphones for music enthusiasts. They excel in podcasts and calls but are not a complete substitute for dedicated headphones.

Q: How is the fit of the Echo Frames?

A: Fit can vary depending on head size. Some users with larger heads may experience issues with keeping the Echo Frames in place, as they might slide down the nose with movement.

Q: What is the price range for the third-gen Echo Frames?

A: The starting price for the third-gen Echo Frames is $270, while the Carrera models are priced at $390. Both options offer choices for prescription and blue light lenses.

Q: When will the third-gen Echo Frames be available?

A: Amazon has not provided a specific release date for the third-gen Echo Frames at this time.

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MovieMania September 21, 2023 - 2:14 pm

so, r these like sunglasses or regular glasses? need em 4 both!

TechGeek42 September 21, 2023 - 7:30 pm

wow! echo frames 3rd gen rly sound cool. im diggin’ the new design & bettr sound. hope it fits me tho.

MusicLover23 September 21, 2023 - 10:31 pm

bettr sound? sign me up! but headphones 4 music still a must, rite?


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