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‘Helskate’ mashes together Tony Hawk and Hades

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Introducing ‘Helskate’: A Fusion of Tony Hawk and Hades

With an abundance of skateboarding games such as Skate, Skate Story, and OlliOlli World, the genre is experiencing a revitalization. However, Helskate takes a unique path, blending skateboarding with the exhilaration of battling monsters.

Created by Phantom Coast, Helskate propels you through the treacherous realm of Vertheim, employing an arcade-style skateboarding approach. Execute impressive combos to unleash powerful attacks, while unlocking new abilities and enhancements as you progress. The ultimate challenge awaits as you face off against the Gods of Skating, requiring you to conquer score challenges and exploit weak points through grinding.

As a roguelite game, Helskate offers some progression carryover upon death, but otherwise, you start anew. Each run allows you to construct a distinct build by combining various weapons, gear, and tapes. Additionally, permanent ability upgrades manifest in the form of tattoos, adding an intriguing element to the game.

If you have concerns about the skateboarding mechanics living up to other titles in the genre, rest assured that the experienced designer Steve Swink leads the team. Swink’s contribution to Tony Hawk’s Underground, where he designed one of the levels, solidifies his expertise in this domain.

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Moving on, Helskate makes a remarkable initial impression with its fast-paced action and stunning visuals. It draws inspiration from Hades and the sensational Rollerdrome, a game where players must execute rollerblading tricks to replenish their ammunition.

While we await its release, it remains to be seen if Helskate can reach the same heights as those aforementioned games. The early access launch on Steam is scheduled for early 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about skateboarding games

What is Helskate?

Helskate is a video game that combines skateboarding and monster slaying. It offers an arcade-style skateboarding experience in a hellscape environment where players battle gods while performing tricks.

How does Helskate’s gameplay work?

In Helskate, players skate through the dangerous realm of Vertheim, utilizing combos and tricks to power up their attacks. As they progress, they unlock abilities and buffs. The game features score challenges to defeat gods and requires grinding on specific areas to exploit their weak points.

Is Helskate a roguelite game?

Yes, Helskate incorporates roguelite elements. While some progress carries over upon death, players generally start fresh with each run. However, they have the opportunity to create unique builds by combining weapons, gear, and tapes. Permanent ability upgrades are obtained through tattoos.

Who is the lead designer of Helskate?

Steve Swink, a veteran designer who previously worked on Tony Hawk’s Underground, leads the team behind Helskate. His experience in the skateboarding game genre adds credibility to the project.

When will Helskate be available?

Helskate is scheduled to hit Steam early access in early 2024.

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Sk8rDude94 June 8, 2023 - 9:40 pm

Helskate sounds rad! Combining skateboarding and monster slaying? Epic! Can’t wait to grind, slay, and pull off sick combos. Steve Swink’s got street cred, so this game’s gonna be gnarly!

GamerChick23 June 8, 2023 - 9:40 pm

Helskate brings a fresh twist to skateboarding games. The idea of battling gods while shredding sounds intense! I’m stoked to see how the roguelite elements and unique builds add to the excitement. Count me in!

TheRealDealSkater June 8, 2023 - 9:40 pm

Helskate is like, totally off the wall, man! Skating through a hellscape, fighting gods, and doing tricks? That’s wicked! Gotta give props to Steve Swink for his Tony Hawk experience. Can’t wait to see this game drop in 2024!


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