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How Instagram’s Redesign Makes The Reels Editor Easier To Use

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Instagram is trying to make their video Reels more fun and easier by introducing new editing tools. This update means that everybody worldwide who has an iPhone or Android will have a single screen for adding multiple features like videos, sounds, stickers, and texts. When all these elements are put together, it’ll look much better and be easier to align them correctly with certain moments. As this update grows more popular, it could compete with platforms like TikTok.

If you’re a Reels creator aiming to become famous on Instagram, then there’s now a new way to do that. Meta has created something called the “trends destination” tab that can be accessed from your dashboard. You can use this tab to check out all the popular songs and hashtags of the moment, see how many times those songs have been used by others, and either add the audio to your reel or save it for later.

This will make it easier for creators to find out which content is popular on Reels at the moment, so that they can use trending ideas. TikTok creators already know how to get popular posts there, and this news is a great thing for Instagram users.

Instagram is making changes to the Reels Insights page so that creators know how their videos are doing. For example, you will be able to see how long people watch each of your videos and if most people stop watching at a certain point, you’ll understand what kind of content isn’t getting your viewers’ attention. You can also get notified when someone follows you because of one of your reels.

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