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How Parler’s new owner took the platform offline overnight

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After famous rapper Ye didn’t continue with his application, a new owner bought Parler. This new owner is called Starboard, and they own lots of news sites that are supportive of conservative views. To make sure the platform was safe and working properly, Starboard has taken it offline for now to make sure it works well when it’s launched again. They’re also hoping to join Parler’s fan base to its other channels so their audience can reach even more people.

Starboard isn’t scared to express its opinion. It still thinks there is a place in the market for groups who feel like their voices have been ignored, but it also feels that Parler needs to be changed if it really wants to make it big. They say, “No sensible person believes that merely having a website like Twitter just for conservatives will help them succeed”.

Parler started in 2018 as a social media platform which promised users freedom of speech and was supported by lots of conservatives. It had few full rules or controls for moderation, enabling some people with extreme views to use the platform. In January 2021, Parler was criticized after it became known that those involved in the Capitol attack had used Parler to plan their actions. Because of this, Apple and Google both removed its app from their app stores until they introduced better moderation measures and stopped users who were encouraging violence.

Ye wanted to buy Parler from Parlement late in 2022, but this deal was cancelled after Ye got banned from Twitter for posting bad things about Jews. After cancelling the deal, Parlement had to fire most of their staff. The firm then decided to switch to providing cloud services for companies that weren’t allowed on other websites because of what they share online.

If you subscribe to BuyTechBlog, you are agreeing to their Terms and Privacy Policy. Ryan Coyne from Starboard said in an interview that he hopes people will still use Parler even though there are other websites like Trump’s Truth Social. Unfortunately, Parler doesn’t have a set time when it’ll be open again. So for now, if you want to express yourself, you’ll have to go on other sites.

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