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“How the FTC is Making it Easier to Cancel Subscriptions”

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In the future, it could be easier to cancel your subscriptions. The Federal Trade Commission is changing the rules so that companies must make cancelling a subscription just as easy as signing up for it was. This means if you can join an online fitness class with only a few clicks, you should also be able to cancel it with just as many clicks!

The proposal would give you the option to say no to hearing suggestions for extra offers when you decide to cancel a service. It says companies must remind people every year if they have signed up for things other than physical products. Other changes include making sure that customers know what they are buying and not allowing false promises.

The Federal Trade Commission wants to make some changes to a law from 1973 which will match the rules in Europe dealing with subscriptions. This change is meant to make sure that companies don’t trick people into paying for services they don’t need or are done using, according Chairperson Lina Khan. It also stops them from making it tough for customers to cancel their subscription by making them call or visit stores.

The new rules don’t say exactly what will happen if someone breaks them. It’s not sure how much it will help things either. But, if these new rules get used, people can easily try out different services without being worried about having trouble canceling their plan later. Also, telecoms would not be allowed to make extra offers or make you visit a physical shop in order to finish canceling.

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