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How YouTube Premium on iOS Will Revolutionize Sharing with SharePlay

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Today, Google announced a new update for YouTube Premium users. The most exciting feature of them all is called “SharePlay” which allows people with iPhones to connect and watch videos together even if they’re not in the same place!

Apple released SharePlay in 2021 to help people watch videos together while stuck at home. Lots of video streaming services have been compatible with SharePlay for a while, like Disney+, HBO Max and Hulu, but Netflix hasn’t joined yet. Now YouTube will soon offer SharePlay too – they say it’ll come in the next few weeks. If you have a YouTube Premium account, then you can use SharePlay, and you don’t need other people to have an account too.

Google is now making it possible to add YouTube videos to your ‘watch-list’ directly from mobile devices. This feature enables Premium subscribers to keep a list of their favorite YouTube videos just like they have been able can since 2019. We first noticed that this feature was available in the Android app as a ‘beta’ version late last year.

If you use YouTube on an Android, iOS, or a web device, soon there will be a feature available to save your progress. This way, when you switch devices, the video will start from where you left off. In addition, if you are using YouTube on your mobile phone and it is connected to WiFi, videos that YouTube recommends will be automatically added to your library so you can watch them without needing internet access. If you don’t want to take up too much storage space though, you can disable this feature from the settings menu in the app.

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