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‘Hyper Light Breaker’ Early Access Launch Delayed to Start of 2024

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Hyper Light Breaker

The much-awaited action rogue-lite, Hyper Light Breaker, that was due to hit Steam Early Access this upcoming fall, has faced another hiccup and will be delayed once again. Those eagerly waiting for the successor of 2016’s Hyper Light Drifter must now reset their clocks for an early 2024 debut.

In a video message to fans, Alx Preston, the founder and Creative Director at developer Heart Machine, expressed the need for some extra time to polish Hyper Light Breaker before its Early Access launch. “We’re going to shift our date to the beginning of 2024,” he explained, assuring that this extra duration will empower the team to “unlock the game’s complete potential.” Preston didn’t forget to express gratitude to fans for their unwavering patience and backing, vowing that a thrilling new adventure is in store, living up to the legacy of Heart Machine.

Heart Machine, in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing, is evolving Hyper Light Breaker’s gameplay into the 3D realm, allowing up to three players to join forces in cooperative play. While its 2016 predecessor paid homage to iconic top-down Zelda titles, this forthcoming open-world chapter is sprinkled with some inspiration from Breath of the Wild. These influences manifest in explorations across vast countrysides dotted with ancient ruins, soaring on gliders, and downhill surfing. What sets Hyper Light Breaker apart, though, is its usage of procedurally generated environments, adding a fresh layer to replayability. Its battle mechanics also seem to take a detour from Nintendo’s recent Zelda creations. The game’s debut trailer offers an enticing glimpse.

Preston’s excitement about their wild and imaginative concepts for the game was palpable. He said, “This brief delay provides us a golden opportunity for a more robust first step into open development during early access next year.” If the build-up to Hyper Light Breaker is any indication, there’s every reason to believe this game will be worth the extra wait. An adventure packed with new twists and novel mechanics awaits fans, and patience, they say, is a virtue indeed. Sometimes, good things come to those who are happy to wait just a little longer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hyper Light Breaker

What is the new release date for Hyper Light Breaker’s Early Access launch?

The Early Access launch of Hyper Light Breaker has been rescheduled to early 2024.

Who is the developer behind Hyper Light Breaker?

The game is being developed by Heart Machine, with Alx Preston as the founder and Creative Director.

What are the key features of Hyper Light Breaker’s gameplay?

Hyper Light Breaker shifts gameplay from 2D to 3D, supporting up to three players for co-op play, and includes exploration of open countrysides, gliding through the air, and surfing down hills. It also uses procedurally generated environments for increased replayability.

Why was Hyper Light Breaker delayed again?

The delay allows the development team to bring the game to its full potential, according to Alx Preston. The additional time is meant to ensure a stronger first step into open development in early access.

Is Hyper Light Breaker related to any previous titles?

Yes, Hyper Light Breaker is the spiritual successor to 2016’s Hyper Light Drifter, and its gameplay includes elements inspired by classic top-down Zelda games and Breath of the Wild.

What has been the reaction of the fans to the delay?

While the text does not explicitly detail fan reactions, Alx Preston thanked fans for their patience and support, promising an adventure that lives up to what fans expect from a Heart Machine title.

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ZeldaFan1990 August 23, 2023 - 9:02 am

This reminds me so much of zelda, especially Breath of the wild, but those procedurally generated environments sound cool. hope they pull it off.

NostalgiaNed August 23, 2023 - 9:12 am

Loved Hyper Light Drifter, and i have high hopes for this one. That trailer looks sick, and the new gameplay features are promising. take all the time you need, Heart Machine!

ImpatientIvy August 23, 2023 - 1:22 pm

early 2024!? That’s like forever from now! I was really looking forward to playing this fall, but i guess quality takes time.

TechyTim August 23, 2023 - 2:43 pm

3D gameplay and co-op mode sounds fun, but why the delay. Developers always say they need more time, but what’s really going on.

GamerJoe42 August 23, 2023 - 3:42 pm

cant believe they pushed it back again. but hey if it means a better game then I’m all in. heart machine rocks!


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