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I consider myself a patient person, but ‘The Password Game’ might break me

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The Password Game

While I often pride myself on my patience, the newly popular ‘The Password Game’ is truly testing my limits.

Every Wednesday, the internet’s latest viral fascination presents itself, a delightful little pastime for whiling away some idle minutes. This week, the buzz on Twitter is all about The Password Game, an intriguing web-based diversion designed to probe the depths of your inventiveness, endurance, and mental stability.

At first glance, the game’s objective appears straightforward: formulate a password so uncrackable, not even the most astute hacker could decipher it. The rules start off simple enough. Rule one dictates a minimum character count of five for your password. Rule four suggests your password’s digits should sum up to 25. But don’t be fooled. Things soon spiral into absolute mayhem. For instance, rule seven insists on incorporating a Roman numeral, only for rule nine to up the ante by demanding a series of Roman numerals that, when multiplied, total 35. And that’s not all. Your password will eventually be required to hint at the day’s Wordle and display the current lunar phase as an emoji. Then, in an inexplicable twist, a time element enters the fray, embodied by a caterpillar you’re tasked with keeping alive. Let’s not dwell on that. Google’s autocomplete function has even started to evolve in response to these bewildering requests.

Neal Agarwal, the diabolical mind behind The Password Game, quipped, “This game is guaranteed to keep me from the pearly gates.” His Twitter notifications are overflowing with a mix of exasperation and curses from players grappling with his nefarious creation. Despite the odds, a few tenacious souls have triumphed. “It’s mind-blowing to see people actually conquering the Password Game,” Agarwal tweeted on Wednesday, “Human resilience is truly impressive.” As for me, I’m currently grappling with rule 15, doing my best to sidestep some complex calculations. But rest assured, I’m determined to prevail, come what may—even if it spells the end for me or that bewildering caterpillar.

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