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Initial Major Update for Threads on iOS Enhances Follower Visibility

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Meta has released the first substantial update to Threads, following the social network’s launch earlier this month, which may be particularly useful for those still expanding their contacts. Cameron Roth from Meta has highlighted an enhancement to the iOS app that includes a Follows tab in the activity feed, simplifying the process of noticing new followers and subsequently following them back. It also allows users to check their Instagram follower list to identify any missed connections.

The update introduces post text translations, providing more motivation to follow individuals who communicate in languages not commonly understood by the user. Users have the option to subscribe to non-followed users for notifications, without overloading their timeline. A few fundamental interface adjustments, such as tappable reposter labels, have also been included. The application should be more efficient and fluid, especially while loading or scrolling through the activity feed.

Some features are activated server-side, so don’t be alarmed if they’re not instantly accessible. Roth assures they should be available by the end of today (July 18th). There’s no information about when Android will receive a comparable update, but we have reached out to Meta for a statement and will keep you informed. Features are usually available in the Android beta program before they become public.

Several features are still absent, something the Threads team is cognizant of. Functions such as a chronological feed, direct messages, or hashtags are yet to be incorporated. It’s not possible to completely disconnect from Threads without also deleting your Instagram account. Moreover, without a comprehensive web version, using Threads on a computer is usually not feasible. However, this initial update demonstrates that Meta is taking steps towards fulfilling its commitments, although it may require time to resolve all the issues.

Meta has a compelling reason to expedite these updates. The usage of Threads has been decreasing after the initial surge, and the lack of some features, like hashtags and a web application, could deter new users. Achieving greater feature parity could maintain interest while Meta contemplates launching in the European Union and prepares for significant expansion.

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