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Introducing Jack Dorsey’s ‘Marketplace of Algorithms’ With Bluesky

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Jack Dorsey’s new social media, called Bluesky, is still only available to special people. But its leaders talked about their wishes for the platform in a blog post. The CEO, Jay Graber said they want to create an “algorithm store” that will give users the power to decide how their content shows up on Bluesky.

According to Graber, developers will have the ability to create algorithms that anybody can use. At the same time, users will get the opportunity to customize their feed so that they can control how their attention is used.

Bluesky started as one of Twitter’s projects meant to make a new platform for social media like no other. Then in 2021, it became completely independent from Twitter and joined the group of newer places that were created after Elon Musk bought and took control of the company.

Bluesky is in the process of making something called an algorithmic marketplace. They are building feed APIs which will be used by developers and a ‘feed selection system’ which, once it is finished, will let users pick different third-party feeds to add to their timelines.

Jack Dorsey really likes when people use algorithms to choose things. He even proposed having a special place where people can do this while he was running Twitter. Vanessa Graber suggested that allowing users to pick their own algorithm, which includes chronological feed, could solve problems with the way some people didn’t like the fact they felt the timeline was manipulated by an algorithm.

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