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Kia’s EV9: The World’s First Electric SUV Offering Level 3 Autonomy and a 336-Mile Range

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Kia has announced some updates to their EV9 electric SUV that make it perfect for road trips with family. If you get the GT-line trim, you’ll have access to Level 3 self-driving in some countries which means that the car will almost drive itself but you may need to take control sometimes. Kia has also created a system called Highway Driving Pilot which uses sensors like LiDAR to help you out when driving and let you “take a break” from driving if possible.

The EV9 SUV is said to provide much more range than other SUVs of its size. Kia believes it can go up to 336 miles with a 99.8kWh battery using WLTP testing. US tests might show less range, but it’s still really good! There are also all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions with different batteries (76.1kWh). Charging it in 15 minutes will give you 149 miles of range, and you’ll even be able to use the car’s power to charge some devices like laptops or camping gear.

The performance of the car will differ according to its model. The RWD Long Range version takes 9.4 seconds to reach a speed of 62 Miles/hour while Standard Range version is faster as it takes only 8.2 seconds for that same speed. And if you go with the AWD variation, then you will be able to get there in just 6 seconds because of its bigger 283kW motor!

Kia has decided to add some extra special features that you can purchase online from their Connect Store. These options range from grille pattern lighting to faster acceleration with ‘Boost’ which will make your car accelerate 0-62MPH in 5.3 seconds! You’ll also have the option of hands-free parking and navigation-controlled ‘Smart Cruise Control’. And don’t forget, this will be the first Kia car to support digital keys – so you won’t even need an actual key to get inside anymore.

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Kia hasn’t announced how much their new EV9 SUV will cost yet. It’s going to be available in some countries during the middle of this year, and you can pre-order it this spring if you live in South Korea. Most likely, the EV9 will cost more than Kia’s other SUV called the EV6. But don’t worry – there aren’t many electric SUVs with three rows of seats around, so even if it costs more than some other options, you won’t find too many options like it. The Tesla Model X is an example of one that exists but might cost even more.

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