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Lamborghini Proves the Future Is Now with Its Plug-in Hybrid Supercar – Runs for a Cool Six Miles in Electric-Only Mode

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Luxury sports cars don’t usually have good gas mileage, but Lamborghini just came out with their first hybrid supercar. The car is called the Revuelto (which means “scrambled”), and it’s perfect for anyone who loves to drive fast. However, the battery life isn’t great, so you may need to recharge often.

If you use only the electric power in this car, it will only drive for 6.2 miles before needing a recharge. That may not be enough to get you to the store and back, as this car is mostly meant for hybrids. But when you use the engine and its regenerative braking system on the front wheels, the car can charge its 3.8kWh battery in just six minutes!

People buy luxury sports cars for many reasons, but not because of battery life. The engine of this car is made to provide power, fast acceleration, and high speeds. It’s also very light for its size (480 pounds) and can generate up to 814 horse power at 9,250 revolutions per minute. It has lots of air ducts so that the engine can breathe easy and produce 126 hp per liter – a record for Lamborghini’s 12-cylinder engines.

The design of Lamborghini’s car models is inspired by airplanes, so you can expect to see pointed shapes, smooth curved surfaces and hexagonal exhausts. Plus, Lamborghini also added some recognizable features from their past designs, like the scissor doors which were first released in the 90’s and the floating blade usually seen in Diablo cars.

The interior of the Lamborghini comes with all sorts of tech components that are fit for a luxurious ride. It has a big 12.3-inch digital panel with a center display, 9-inch passenger side display, and lots of electronic entertainment options. This is the first time ever that this car is getting an advanced driver assistance system too. You can track details about the vehicle through your smartphone or smartwatch, such as how much fuel it has left, if its battery needs charging, and even where it is located exactly on GPS! Furthermore, you can do certain tasks from your app like honking its horn, turning on lights, or locking the doors remotely.

Lamborghini and its parent company Volkswagen plan to make an all-electric vehicle by 2030. Even after that, they also plan to carry on producing cars with engines running on synthetic fuel until the early 2030s. The Lamborghini Revuelto will be released this year and it costs $542,165 according to Automotive News Europe – which can be read for free but requires a sign-up first.

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