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Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone: What Caused Its Closure?

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Lenovo created a special type of phone called the Legion, which was specifically designed for gaming. It had really great specs, like super fast storage and cameras that could pop out. However, Lenovo told Android Authority that they won’t be making these types of gaming phones anymore.

Lenovo announced that it will stop making its Android-based Legion mobile gaming phones. This is because Lenovo wants to upgrade the gaming category and focus on what will be most helpful for gamers all around the world. A spokesperson from Lenovo said this decision is part of a bigger business plan.

Lenovo had a hard time creating gaming smartphones because they weren’t able to promote the Legion brand well outside of China. At the start, they hired several people from ASUS ROG’s team so it was clear that they wanted to make gaming phones. The Y70, their last Legion-branded phone, got announced in August 2020 but their final flagship phone, the Y90, came out in February 2022.

Lenovo isn’t making any more gaming smartphones, so ASUS is the only one with a ROG gaming phone. Nubia has the Red Magic and Xiaomi has the Black Shark smartphone, but it recently cut down its workforce. Lenovo will now focus on the Moto line and special phones like the ThinkPhone.

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