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‘Lysfanga’ is what happens when hack-and-slash meets tactical time travel

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Lysfanga Game Review

Lysfanga offers a unique blend of isometric views, reminiscent of Hades, but with a different twist. As you engage in battles with monsters and adversaries, the lead character, Imë, employs a mix of spells, weapon combinations, and time-reversal abilities to change the course of her battles. It’s like having your shadow from a previous timeline to assist you, similar to the specter racers seen in games like Mario Kart and Gran Turismo, but in a cooperative fashion.

The objective revolves around finishing distinct combat stages in a single ‘run’, utilizing a limited number of ghost-Imës. There’s an added challenge of opponents that are invulnerable from the front or monster duos that revive each other if not killed almost simultaneously. A fellow BuyTechBlog editor felt it echoed elements of Transistor, rewarding players for meticulously planning moves. Initial stages allowed for rushed encounters, but later ones necessitated strategic path plotting, dynamic doors, explosive foes, and a ticking clock, urging a balance between speed and strategy.

Thankfully, Lysfanga’s compact levels — most achievable in under two minutes — are resettable. Along with an assortment of spells and special attacks, Imë has straightforward controls, including a pair of melee attack buttons for combos, a spell launcher, a dash button for dodging or leaping over voids, a time-reversal button, and an ultimate attack trigger.

The game trailer suggests a range of weapon configurations to accommodate varying styles, from extended spears to swift chakram blades. A super attack feature capable of inflicting substantial damage to nearby enemies will also be mirrored by your doubles.

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Though action-game skills may prove advantageous, the key to conquering most levels lies in careful planning. Despite distinct controls and gameplay, Lysfanga bears a resemblance to classic Fire Emblem games where strategic planning determined the battle’s outcome before it began. The game already offers gratifying moments during the early demo when your attacking duplicates align to eliminate enemies in a flash. Levels can be replayed at specific checkpoints throughout the game, with a tougher time constraint to beat for those seeking an extra challenge.

Lysfanga, along with Under The Waves, is among the inaugural releases from Quantic Dreams’ newly formed Spotlight publishing division. It’s set to launch on PC via both Steam and Epic Games later this year.

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