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Meta now lets you make video calls using a cartoon avatar

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Introducing Meta: Video Calls with Cartoon Avatars

Video calling has never been everyone’s cup of tea, unless it involves adorable babies or special occasions. Who wants to bother with grooming just to answer a call? Well, rejoice, because Meta has heard our silent prayers and brought us a game-changing solution—a toolset that brings cartoon avatars into the realm of video conferencing.

This innovative feature is positioned as the “third option” between an audio-only call and a traditional video call. Now you can engage in video conversations, but instead of revealing your true self, your cartoon avatar becomes the star, allowing you the freedom to wear a luxurious face mask or relax in the comfort of your slightly messy apartment. This fantastic capability is already available to users of Messenger and Instagram.

Meta has been diligently refining its avatar-creation system, proudly announcing that users have created over a billion of these delightful digital characters. Originally developed for virtual reality applications, this system has now expanded to smartphones and similar devices. With the avatar creator, you can create a remarkably accurate digital representation of your face and body. It’s worth mentioning that while the avatar creator offers the option to add legs, these won’t be visible during video calls (apologies to digital foot fetishists out there). Meta assures us that they are continuously enhancing the avatar creation system, promising even more realistic and textured animations in the future. And don’t forget, there’s no rule stating that your digital avatar must resemble you—feel free to surprise your friends with a video call from a talking llama if you so desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about video conferencing

What is Meta’s new feature for video calls?

Meta has introduced a new feature that allows users to engage in video calls using cartoon avatars. Instead of showing your real self, your avatar becomes the representation seen by other participants during the call.

Can I use the cartoon avatar feature on any platform?

Currently, the cartoon avatar feature is available for users of Messenger and Instagram, allowing them to participate in video calls using their avatars.

Can I customize my cartoon avatar?

Yes, Meta’s avatar creation system allows for a high level of customization. Users can create a digital representation of their face and body, and even add various accessories and features to their avatar.

Will my avatar have legs during video calls?

Although the avatar creator allows for the addition of legs, they will not be visible during video calls. The focus is on the avatar’s face and upper body.

Can I make my avatar look completely different from myself?

Absolutely! There are no rules or limitations when it comes to how your avatar should look. You can let your creativity run wild and even video call your friends as a talking llama or any other character you can imagine.

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TechEnthusiast92 July 12, 2023 - 10:20 pm

meta’s new video call feature with cartoon avatars is sooo cooool! no need to fix my hair anymore haha. love the idea of hiding behind a digital persona while still having video convos.


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