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Meta privately admits its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses aren’t getting much face time

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Meta has reportedly acknowledged that its smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, have not been well-received by users. An internal document viewed by The Wall Street Journal revealed that less than ten percent of Ray-Ban Stories owners use the product regularly. Since its launch in September 2021, around 300,000 units of the glasses were sold, but by February 2023, there were only 27,000 monthly active users. The company attributes this low adoption to issues such as poor connectivity and battery life problems. Despite the initial sales, the lack of user retention raises concerns about sustained interest in the product.

Meta’s Reality Labs division, which oversees the Ray-Ban partnership, is also facing challenges, reporting a loss of nearly $8 million in the first half of 2023. Nevertheless, Meta plans to introduce a new generation of Ray-Ban Stories, expected to address the battery life and camera issues and offer more sunglass models. However, there is no information yet on the pricing for the upcoming version.

Please note that the information presented here is based on an internal Meta document and should be taken as reported news.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about smart glasses

Q: What are Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses?

A: Ray-Ban Stories are smart glasses developed in partnership with Meta, formerly known as Facebook. These glasses combine classic Ray-Ban sunglass designs with built-in smart features, such as cameras and audio capabilities.

Q: How successful have Ray-Ban Stories been in the market?

A: Despite initial sales of approximately 300,000 units, an internal Meta document revealed that less than ten percent of users regularly use the product. The low user retention indicates that the glasses have not met expectations after their launch.

Q: What issues have been reported with Ray-Ban Stories?

A: Users have cited problems with poor connectivity and issues related to battery life as major concerns with the first generation of Ray-Ban Stories.

Q: How is Meta addressing the challenges faced by Ray-Ban Stories?

A: Meta plans to release a new generation of Ray-Ban Stories in the near future, expected to have improved battery life and cameras. The company aims to enhance the user experience and address the reported issues.

Q: Is the Reality Labs division, responsible for Ray-Ban partnership, performing well?

A: No, the Reality Labs division within Meta reported an almost $8 million loss over the first half of 2023, indicating challenges and financial setbacks in their operations.

Q: Will the new generation of Ray-Ban Stories be priced differently from the first generation?

A: As of now, there is no information available regarding the pricing of the upcoming version of Ray-Ban Stories. Details about the pricing will likely be released closer to the launch date.

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