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Meta starts testing Horizon Worlds on mobile and the web

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Metaverse Accessibility

Meta is taking a giant leap forward in its quest to make Horizon Worlds as accessible as possible. They’ve just kicked off testing for Horizon Worlds on mobile devices and the web, marking a significant expansion of their metaverse vision.

The exciting news comes with the release of “Super Rumble,” the debut game from Meta’s in-house studio, Ouro Interactive. Initially, it’s available to a select group of Android users via the Meta Quest app, with iOS users soon to join the party in the coming weeks. For those who prefer to game on their desktop, access is available directly through Horizon’s official website or by requesting access.

Meta’s promise of cross-platform play holds true, allowing gamers to unite with friends across various devices, be it mobile, web, or VR headsets. This inclusivity is a crucial part of Meta’s vision for the metaverse.

In Meta’s own words, “The metaverse should be available to everyone — no matter what device they’re on.” While Quest headsets provide an immersive entry point, the goal is to create multiple access routes. This move to bring Horizon Worlds to more platforms is a significant stride in realizing that ambition, making the metaverse experience accessible to a broader audience.

However, this expansion comes with its challenges. Each device comes with its unique interface, necessitating adjustments in game controls, such as mute and pause functions, to cater to the mobile and computer experience. As the testing phase for Super Rumble on mobile and the web is ongoing, players may encounter some bugs and hiccups along the way. Nonetheless, Meta’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is unwavering, and they are actively working to refine the user experience across all platforms.

In the coming months, Meta plans to roll out more worlds within Horizon Worlds, providing opportunities for people to socialize, chat, and even enjoy free concerts within the metaverse, regardless of the device they choose. This marks a bold step towards realizing the full potential of the metaverse, where the boundaries between physical and digital worlds continue to blur, making it an exciting space for tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. So, get ready to dive into the metaverse, no matter where you are or what device you’re using!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Metaverse Accessibility

What is Horizon Worlds, and why is it significant for Meta?

Horizon Worlds is a metaverse platform created by Meta (formerly Facebook) that aims to bring together virtual and physical worlds. It’s significant for Meta because it represents their vision of a metaverse where people can interact, socialize, and enjoy shared experiences in a digital space.

What is “Super Rumble,” and how does it fit into Horizon Worlds?

“Super Rumble” is the first game developed by Meta’s in-house studio, Ouro Interactive. It’s part of Horizon Worlds and serves as one of the first experiences available on the platform. Players can enjoy this game on various devices, including mobile, web, and VR headsets, and it offers cross-platform play, allowing users to connect with friends no matter what device they’re using.

How can I access Horizon Worlds and “Super Rumble”?

Accessing Horizon Worlds and “Super Rumble” depends on your preferred device. If you’re using Android, you can access it through the Meta Quest app. iOS users will also have access soon. For desktop users, you can play directly through Horizon’s official website or request access.

What is Meta’s goal with Horizon Worlds?

Meta’s goal is to make the metaverse accessible to everyone, regardless of the device they use. While VR headsets offer an immersive experience, Meta believes in providing multiple entry points for users to join the metaverse. This expansion to mobile and web is a step toward realizing that vision.

Are there any challenges or limitations with Horizon Worlds on mobile and web?

Yes, adapting a metaverse platform for different devices poses some challenges. Each device has a unique interface, requiring Meta to optimize game controls for mobile and computer users. As “Super Rumble” is still in the testing phase, players may encounter bugs and issues, which Meta is actively working to address.

What can we expect from Horizon Worlds in the future?

Meta plans to introduce more worlds within Horizon Worlds in the coming months, offering opportunities for social interaction, chat, and even free concerts within the metaverse. This expansion aims to further bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds, creating an exciting space for tech enthusiasts and gamers.

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