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Meta Unveils AI Model that Can Detect Objects Not Seen Before

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AI normally needs a lot of material to be able to recognize and detect objects. But now, Meta (a social media company) found a way to do this without having the technology being trained. It is called “Segment Anything”. This AI model can locate things in pictures and videos even if they were not included in the training set. People can search by clicking on items or using words. For example, typing the word “cat” will make the AI pinpoint all cats within a given image.

This model is able to work together with other models. It can take a single image and change it into a 3D object or bring information to us from the views of a special virtual reality headset. Basically, Segment Anything can replace any additional AI training.

You can download an AI model and dataset using a special license that only allows you to use it for research and learning. It’s not allowed to be used for creating products. Meta is already using the same kind of technology to delete inappropriate content, suggest posts and label photos.

The people who created this model say it can miss some details and doesn’t work as well as other models for certain things. While it can handle some requests quickly, it slows down when there are a lot of images to process. More specialized software might be better in those areas, they say.

When you sign up to BuyTechBlog, you are agreeing to their Terms and Privacy Policies. This new AI isn’t suitable for robots or devices where accurate object detection is important. It can be useful in other situations like social networks which produce lots of content. This tech shows that it wants to make computer vision better everywhere.

Meta is well-known for creating and sharing cool things with Artificial Intelligence (AI), like translators that can turn spoken languages into writing. There’s a lot of competition in this area and Meta needs to show it can handle its own against big companies such as Google and Microsoft. It’s even working on AI personas for social media apps and inventions like Segment Anything which will give it an edge over its rivals.

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