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Meta’s Avatars Take a Leap with New Legs

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Nearly a year has passed since Meta, in its unique and quirky style, unveiled its plan to equip its metaverse avatars with legs, giving them a touch of humanity that’s been lacking. Now, the time has almost arrived, as the latest beta version of the Quest software introduces these legged avatars into the Quest Home environment.

Before you look down and wonder if your avatar has magically sprouted legs, hold your horses—this isn’t a VR miracle. According to the keen-eyed folks at UploadVR, these legs won’t be visible to you in first-person view. Instead, they’ll show up in all their leggy glory when you’re viewing your avatar from a third-person perspective or gazing into the virtual mirror. Think about it as a “reveal mode” for your avatar’s new accessory, reminiscent of the moments you catch sight of your character in third-person cutscenes of your favorite video games.

Now, the rationale behind this approach is clear: our current lineup of consumer virtual reality systems isn’t quite equipped for tracking legs. So, rather than attempting to master the intricacies of realistic leg animations, Meta seems to be opting for a more relaxed approach. After all, who needs perfectly accurate leg movements when you can have a touch of those hilarious QWOP-style physics? Maybe we’re not ready for avatars to have their own interpretive dance moves just yet.

But hold on, there’s a twist in this tale of virtual legs! While your avatar can flaunt its new lower limbs, it seems these legs have missed the memo on how to crouch gracefully. That means, when you decide to take a load off and sit down, your avatar’s legs won’t mirror your actions in third-person view. While this might not be a problem in the realm of video game physics, it could make things slightly, well, awkward when you’re trying to maintain an intense VR conversation with another user. Picture this: two avatars sitting in a virtual coffee shop, both trying not to look like they’ve just entered a bizarre yoga pose.

But hang on, there’s more to this tale! While the Quest Home avatars are now proudly sporting their new leg accessories, it seems the VR version of Horizon Worlds isn’t quite ready for a leg day. But fear not, brave testers of the mobile and web versions—your avatars will soon get to join the leggy party. Remember, though, that Meta initially promised legs for Worlds first, before spreading the trend to other avatar-inhabited digital spaces. So, if you’re eagerly waiting to strut your virtual stuff in VR environments, the wait might still be a tad longer.

One curious note: Meta might be keeping its leg-centric plans under wraps for now. The company hasn’t let its software development kit for avatars out to play with these new appendages just yet. So, if you’re an external developer hoping to add a dash of leggy flair to your virtual creations, you might need to hold tight for a little while longer.

And here’s the grand finale to this saga: all eyes turn to the upcoming Meta Connect event, set to take center stage next month. Could this be the moment of truth? Will Meta unveil more about its virtual leg revolution? One thing’s for certain, amidst all the suspense, Meta plans to spill the beans on the much-anticipated Quest 3. So, whether you’re excited about avatars finding their footing or you’re eagerly awaiting the next big thing in VR tech, the future certainly looks leg-tastic!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Virtual Reality Avatars

What is the latest update from Meta about its avatars?

Meta has revealed that its metaverse avatars now sport legs, a feature introduced in the latest beta version of the Quest software. These legs are visible in third-person view or when using a virtual mirror.

Can I see the legs on my avatar in first-person view?

No, the legs won’t be visible to you when looking down in first-person view. They’ll only be visible in third-person or when using a virtual mirror.

Why did Meta add legs to the avatars?

Meta’s decision to add legs to avatars is to give them a more human-like appearance. It’s a playful and quirky addition that brings a touch of realism to the virtual world.

Are the leg movements accurate?

Not quite. Since current consumer virtual reality systems lack leg tracking, the leg movements might not be perfectly accurate. Meta seems to be going for a more relaxed and fun approach rather than aiming for realism.

Will my avatar’s legs crouch when I bend my knees?

No, in third-person view, your avatar’s legs won’t mirror your real-world movements like crouching or sitting down. This might lead to some humorous and slightly awkward moments during interactions.

When can I expect to see legs in other virtual spaces like Horizon Worlds?

The VR version of Horizon Worlds doesn’t have the leg feature yet, but it’s expected to be introduced soon. However, legs are already available in the mobile and web versions for testing.

Can developers use the leg feature in their creations?

As of now, Meta hasn’t released an update to its software development kit for avatars, so external developers can’t implement legs in their virtual spaces just yet.

What’s coming up at the Meta Connect event?

The upcoming Meta Connect event is anticipated to reveal more about Meta’s virtual leg initiative and provide further details about the Quest 3, adding to the excitement for VR enthusiasts and developers alike.

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MovieBuff456 August 30, 2023 - 8:47 am

avatars with legs? bruh, that’s like next-gen stuff. wonder if they’ll ever add avatars that can dance the moonwalk!

GadgetGuru August 30, 2023 - 6:26 pm

Legs in VR, huh? That’s like givin’ our digital selves a leg up in the virtual world. Meta’s making tech even more interesting!

Cinephile2001 August 30, 2023 - 6:29 pm

Imagine avatars chillin’ on virtual couches, legs stretched out. Gotta hand it to Meta, they’re keepin’ the VR world surprising!


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