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Meta’s Threads App Sees Over 30 Million Signups

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Meta's Threads App

Threads, the new social media app by Meta aimed at rivaling Twitter, has seen over 30 million signups since its recent launch, stated CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a recent update. Notably, the app garnered 10 million signups within its first seven hours of availability. With the west coast of America starting their day, the signups further ballooned to 30 million. Presently, Threads has a global reach, barring Europe, and its rapid user acquisition pace demonstrates Meta’s ability to scale significantly compared to other competitors, such as Bluesky.

Zuckerberg chose to celebrate this milestone by posting on Twitter for the first time in over ten years, displaying a classic Spider-Man standoff meme image. He highlighted the app’s early success by stating, “10 million signups in seven hours,” on Threads.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri oversees Threads, which is designed to compete with Twitter and alternatives like Mastodon. Mosseri plans to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, the protocol behind Mastodon and other decentralized services, often referred to as the “Fediverse.”

As Threads is built on the Instagram platform, Meta has an effective medium to promote the app. iOS users who pre-ordered Threads were alerted via push notification when the app went live, a move that surely bolstered the signups.

However, Threads is not without initial hitches. The primary concern among users is the absence of a chronological, follow-only feed, causing them to see whatever the app’s algorithm prioritizes. Other missing features include post editing, hashtags, and account switching, all present in Facebook and Instagram.

Mosseri has responded to these criticisms, assuring on Threads that a follow-only feature, post editing, and account switching are “on the list.” He also noted that hashtags will become interactive over time.

In a BuyTechBlog report, another significant issue for many users is the non-availability of a web version of Threads. Similar to Instagram’s past situation, Threads currently only allows posts through its iOS and Android apps.

Furthermore, user verification remains a critical topic of discussion. Currently, only Instagram-verified users have received the blue badge on Threads. As Threads is positioned as a news discussion platform, potentially rivaling Twitter, it might be sensible to allow Facebook verified users to also receive verification on Threads, or to establish a new verification system.

Threads is still in its early stages, and user feedback will likely lead to significant changes. How Meta responds to this feedback will be an interesting narrative in the coming months.

Update, July 6th, 2023, 12:05 PM ET: Mark Zuckerberg updated that Threads now boasts more than 30 million sign-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Meta’s Threads App

How many signups did Meta’s Threads App receive on its launch day?

The Threads App from Meta saw a substantial number of signups on its launch day, exceeding 30 million according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Who oversees the Threads App?

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, oversees the Threads App.

What is a significant concern for users about the Threads App?

One major concern among users is the absence of a chronological, follow-only feed. Users are currently seeing whatever content the app’s algorithm decides to show.

Is there a web version for Threads App?

As of now, Threads does not offer a web version. The app is read-only on browsers and posts can only be made through the iOS and Android apps.

How does the verification process work on Threads?

Currently, only users verified on Instagram have received the blue badge on Threads. However, as Threads is positioned as a news discussion site, it might make sense in the future to allow Facebook verified users to also be verified on Threads, or to establish a new verification system.

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Tom_Robinson July 7, 2023 - 6:06 am

Wow, thats impressive, 30M signups already! but will they keep all those users? i mean no post editing, seriously?

RyanTheReviewer July 7, 2023 - 9:09 am

No account switching?! Come on Meta, you’re better than this. Hopefully they’ll improve fast.

DigiGuru22 July 7, 2023 - 9:05 pm

This feels like deja vu, another tech giant tryna dethrone Twitter. Good luck to ’em, they’ll need it!

TechNerd July 7, 2023 - 10:40 pm

I’m on Threads, but their algo is all over the place, its nothing like my Insta feed. Hope they sort that out ASAP.

Jessica1987 July 7, 2023 - 11:13 pm

Was so excited for Threads but gotta say, it’s a bummer without a web version. Hope they sort this out soon.


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